The Very Quintessence of Our Expression
At The Universe Alive dot Org Is Threefold:

FIRST: Be Rational! . . . Live Healthfully!
Humanity Today Has To Recognize The Rational Imperative
To Achieve Transition to The Pattern of Co Creative Interaction with Life
For the Provision of Material Nourishment for Our Bodies.
That Translates to the Fruitarian Vegetarian Diet for All of Humanity.

SECOND: Become People of Truth!
As Expressions of The Species with Intellect, the Dutiful Necessity
Has Been Recognized That We Become Instruments of Truth
In the Fullest Sense of The Word and Beingness of Truth.
Both the Strength and the Soulful Integrity of Our People,
As Expressions of The Species with Intellect, Directly Depend
Upon the Authentic and Complete Actualization of This Central Resolve.
Because Intellect Is Truth, We Must Become Truth to Fully Become Ourselves.

THIRD: We Must Materialize the Clear Understanding
That Humanity Is a Natural Part of the Expression of The Great Process of Life,
And Our Technological Industry Can and Must Be Engineered
As a Constructive Asset within The Natural Process of Life that Evolved Our Minds,
And, Therefore, Brought Forth this Uniquely Human Dimension,
The Technological Aspect, as Part of Itself, The Creative Principle of Life.

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Our EIN Number is: 27-3548499

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