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Because Our Innovations and Research Have Attracted Planetary Level Attention ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ And We, In the Interest of Expressing On Behalf of The Whole of Humanity, Have Striven To Maintain a Centrally Objective Stance, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Contirbutions Have Been "Pirated" by the Polarized Self-Interested Segments, that is, Mercilessly Parasitized via Subtle but Stubborn Disruption of Every Normal Communicational and Transportational Channel, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Such That The Only Positive Effect of Your Generous Support Thus Far, Has Been the Irrefutable Assurance to the Power-Fixated Minority That A Significant Portion of Humanity Does Actually Care for The Further Expression of Our Research.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ We Must Remind You then, That You Might Wish to Send, Instead of a Donation, a Message to the Chairmanship of Wells Fargo Bank, Affirming Your Heartfelt Concern that They Do Whatever Might Be Possible to Terminate the Outrage of the Ceaseless Parasitism by Power-Fixated Segments, Such That Our Contribution Portal, Which Transmits Directly to This Bank, Might Operate Properly. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ With Sincere Thanks, The Universe Alive dot Org~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Address Your concern to: Wells Fargo Board of Directors Attn. : President, Chairman, CEO, John G. Stumpf Send an e-mail to: Send a letter to: Wells Fargo & Company P.O. Box 63750 San Francisco, CA 94163

Every Dollar of Precious Resource You Contribute to The Universe Alive dot Org

Will Be Dedicated to the Inspired Endeavor of Delivering Our

Quintessential Perspectives to Those Seeking and Implementing Solutions

to the Challenges facing Our Planet and All Life Systems Everywhere.

Your Every Effort to Assist Our Endeavor to Uplift and Enlighten

Will serve as a Measure of Assurance Given to Yourself that You Are

Sensitive to the Needs of Our Times, and Committed to Doing Your Part.

Your Generosity Embodies Your Commendable Willingness to Take

Responsibility for the Necessary Effort to Share the Blessings

of the Pattern of Creative Interaction with Life

that has Enabled Our Species To Rise Above Fear and Ignorance.

By Sharing, We Intend to Guarantee a Life of Abundance

for Our Own Kind and for All Lives Around Us.

You May Direct Your Contribution by U. S. Mail or Wire Transfer,

to our Wells Fargo Bank Account.

For Contributions to our Wells Fargo Bank Account:

Send Check or Money Order to:

Bank By Mail, Wells Fargo Bank, P.O. Box 3488, Portland, Oregon, 97208
Specify:"(For Deposit to Account #: 6088153314, Routing #:021200025)"

If You Wish to Contribute via Wire Transfer:

Wells Fargo Bank, 1-800-869-3557 or 1-800-922-4684
Specify:"(For Deposit to Account #: 6088153314, Wire Transfer Routing # 031201467)"

Every Contribution that You Make Will Be Sincerely Appreciated
and Efficiently Dedicated to the Endeavor toward Unity
Within and Through the Creative Principle of Being and Interaction Everywhere.