Why we make little effort to personalize our expressions,
And why we charge no fee for our expressions and publications:

We appreciate the source of the comments that have reached us as to the unexpectedly anonymous nature of the apparent authorship of our expressions accessed through our website, www.TheUniverseAlive.org . Even in the two copyrighted books available as free downloads on our home page we are careful to make no specific reference as to the personality associated with the authorship of these works. In the section of our homepage introducing these works, brief mention is made of the reason that these compositions must be offered free of charge.

The core substance of our expression has been judged sufficiently central by the hierarchy of Truth, Eternal, to be attributed to the emanation of the Creative Principle of Truth in our time. This Principle must be understood to be a super-personal Principle, which no individual in any place or time can ‘lay claim to’ as their unique possession or expression. The nature of Truth Itself determines this. Truth is the self appreciating aspect of the Light of Mind or Energy Eternal. That Creative Principle, Truth, in Union with the complementary Real Massive Essence, Universal, the Beautiful, brought forth every ray of Light, every atom, and every Universe within Existence. Thus, what “Reality” is, relative to the ‘Matter’ dimension of the Energy – Matter Continuum, “Truth” is, relative to the ‘Energy’ dimension of the Energy – Matter Continuum.

Thus, because the real Truth is inseparably integral with what each of us is composed of, it must be considered a matter of honor, and, indeed, a privilege, rather than a matter of pride, to express from that luminous core of Truth that is the unassailable property of the Union of all of us. And because our Ray of Eternal Light is addressing, in the expression of our Science, the corresponding Eternal Luminance within the center of each of our fellow citizens, all of us emanating from that same Light Eternal, the concept of requiring a money transaction within this relationship is as incongruous as the idea of your self charging your self a fee for a service. And the concept of presenting teachings from the Eternal – Universal Essence, while directing attention to fixate upon the teacher rather than the teaching itself, is as incongruous as guiding people into a precious forest preserve to quietly seek out rare birds and, once in the forest, lecturing them loudly about one’s family experiences instead. The super-personal Truth that upholds all personal manifestation is only attained through contemplation of the super-personal Principles within the luminous core of all being.

Therefore, we have been disciplined, under oath, as part of the training that would make our personal mind a ‘Light of Truth’, to give full credit to the super-personal dimensions of Life and Light and Love that continually evolve all minds and bodies within the planes of manifest existence. These super-personal dimensions have brought forth every spark, every element, every iota, of our own inspired expression. This is what is meant when we say we are “a Light of Truth from the Eternal Truth”. Only the Eternal Truth is Infinite. The Light of Truth is as a spark emanating from an immeasurably immense, Eternal Flame. Only after having relinquished every speck of attachment suggesting that Truth is the personal attainment or possession that we convey, it becomes our satisfying privilege to have our formulations recognized and designated by the Eternal Hierarchy as the timely expressions of the Eternal Truth Itself. However, as such, we are not permitted to require payment for any of our expressions of the Way Eternal. Stringent guidelines dictate that we must be sustained only by the voluntary free-will support and contributions from our fellow beings in the community we serve.

It is important to note that not all of our expressions carry sufficient gravity or emanate from a sufficiently central locus to deserve the sanction of the Hierarchy of Truth as super-personally relevant manifestations of Eternal Truth. I believe that six among the list of “Science Tracts” that we presently offer online have been thus honored, and two others are presently under discussion. Our essay about the real value and significance of the modern holiday “Halloween”, for example, clearly has primarily contemporary value, and would therefore have only tangential relevance to the Eternal Core of Identity within each person, hence would be accounted only secondary value by the Hierarchy of Truth.

Because our essential expressions do, however, come from the Creative Principle at the Eternal core of being, we are certain that our success should be measured by the effectiveness of our expressions in causing real understanding and inspiration among those who examine our formulations. Since our Purpose is to share the few core concepts that we believe are essential for the transition of our human species from a phase torn with convulsions of anguished self-negation within our civilization to the maturity phase wherein joyous well-being for Humanity and the planetary Life System becomes the normal standard, it is imperative that our fellow citizens realize that focus upon the practical implementation of the creative guidance we provide is what is most imperatively essential. The potency of the ideas themselves is what will create the brighter, more stable future that we all desire and urgently need. Therefore these dynamic ideas must have ‘center stage’, and not the personal instrument that clothed these vibrant paradigms with words and presented them to the world mind. The more swiftly these precious paradigms are transferred from the level of abstract appreciation into the stages of careful, comprehensive planning and material manifestation, the more surely we will all see Humanity’s gratifying transition from the present phase of stagnation, mutual suspicion, and negation, to the dynamic phase of tangible actualization of the “We Are All One” Unity core of the Eternal human identity. Unity in our time is not merely an ethereal Ideal; Unity today is rationally comprehensible. And it is, in fact, an imperative survival necessity.