Image Request Page

We realize that many of these beautiful photographs

have served as catylysts for some to

A Subtle Intimacy with the Creative Infinity of Life.

Presently we are offering copies of the Images displayed on our website

In the form of digital files.

These will produce nice prints at sizes between

3.5 x 5 inches to 5 x 7 inches (9 x 13 to 13 x 18 cm).

We have reports that these images have been converted into transparencies

and displayed with great success through a

modern projector, or displayed as print or transparancy

through an opaque projector.

The suggested contibution level for each image is $50.00 (US).

To obtain the digital file of the image(s) you desire from us, simply send

An E-Mail indicating the Image or Images that you desire, and we will

Make arragement to effect the delivery to you.

If you dearly desire to have one of these Images, but your monetary means
do not match the suggested level of contribution,
sincerely share your situation with us (by e-mail) and
we will work something out for you.