Introductory Statements for the "Mediatrix Series" photographs


Water is the quintessential medium of Life; and ‘the universal solvent’. The ancestors of our species evolved within aqueous medium, and all Life upon our Planet harbors profound feeling for the Oceans and the myriad accessory waters as fields of the beingness of Our Mother, whose awareness is conveyed within the modes of feeling. The gleaming eye of this embodiment of Feeling Itself provides not only refreshment and delight to the senses for our kind, but even home and nourishment to myriad other species. This Universal Mediatrix also divides the firmament from the ethereal realms, and serves as the vessel for one of the most fascinating and imperative contemplations for all people in our time. Water serves as the material gateway to the contemplation of the realms unseen but indisputably proven by Einstein. The realms of the unsolid are largely invisible to our eyes, and the nature of the wave dimension, whose laws determine the expression of the plethora modalities of pure energy, would be described almost entirely by mathematical abstraction, were it not for the compliant bountifulness, and the sensory availability of the Living Water. In the shining face of Our Mother, water, we see not only our faces, we see in Her undulant and shimmering flowingness the vivid display of the inmost nature of Energy Itself, pure wave.

Humanity is the species with Intellect, and as mind is a function of the realm of Light, Humans everywhere and in all times have wondered ardently at the nature of, and the laws of, the realm of pure radiance or Energy, the realm from which Identity within the species with Intellect is derived. Hence, it is not at all surprising how often water is regarded as the Door of Truth, to be contemplated with serene and sincere devotion by seekers in all times and places. Whether sought as the waterfall, the baptismal essence, as the limpid pool, as the hermit’s pond, or the thundering Ocean’s shore, water, palpable mass of fluidity and evanescent nature of The Wave, has been the instrument for the inspiration, and even enlightenment, of the human mind innumerable times throughout the experience of human culture.

These images derive from a heartfelt intimacy with this Mother Mediatrix, in the effort to discern and to share, through the photographic medium, the specific perspectives, and even elements of perception, that contribute to our experience of ease, of flow, of vibrance and vivacity, limpidity and tumult, in our appreciation for water. We hope, by considering these vibrant flashes of insight into the slipstream of vital beingness that is the Water of Life, and the Life of Water, that deeper awakenings are stirred within depths of the hearts, and inspired realizations are catalyzed in the heights of the minds of our friends and neighbors who enjoy these images within the viewing public.