Alcohol is the Antithesis of Sweetness


The recognition of the sugar molecule by the photosynthesizing plant kingdom as one of the quintessential gifts to their primary symbiotes, the animal realm, may well have been the pinnacle of recent attainment, in evolutionary time, in the relationship between these two realms. Correlate, therefore, ethyl alcohol with the antithesis of sweetness. Sugar is literally the fuel that enables virtually every cell within the animal body to carry out the processes of metabolism. There is no animal (above the microbial realm), known to modern science, who could so much as move a muscle without the energy conveyed by the sugar molecule. The purification of the molecule of perfect nourishment, the sugar molecule, from the vast complex of organic compounds consumed within the evolutionary experience by the animal realm, represents a monumental achievement for the great being of Life Itself. With the actualization of knowledge of the vital essence of their symbiotic partners, the Animal Realm, at this level of intimacy, the Plant Kingdom effectively materialized itself as the actuality of the dearly beloved friend, correlative even with The Partner in The Dance of Life, Itself, with the Animal Kingdom. And this level of co-creativeness is the signatory phase heralding the inception of the archetype of the self-aware and self-regulating or consciously co-creative Life process. This corresponds with the inception of Free Will or Creative Will within the animal’s evolutionary process, and a more fulfilling and more secure vibrance within the life experience of the plants as well. Therefore, the advent of the intellectual species, the human, is inextricably united, with the unsheathing of the pure molecule of nourishment, the sugar molecule, by the flowering and fruiting plants.

Comprehend, therefore, the process which does not offer this most precious and energetic molecule within the realm of metabolic fuels, to the most appreciative species, the highly developed realms of Life, even to the creatively self-willed species, the human. Instead, it offers the quintessential fuel molecule whose appearance paralleled the advent of our own evolution, to a class of unicellular life-forms at the other, more primitive end of the continuum of being. The manifestation of Sugar evolved at the intimate interface between the higher plants and the higher animals, and stands as the existential source of the concept of sweetness, the only suitable metaphor for many of the finest, most sensitive inter-individual feelings, as well as for many of the most sublime spiritual experiences of our intellectual species. And, after feeding this quintessential molecule of food for the higher orders of beingness, to the lowest and simplest order of beingness, the unicellular, what we should expect from their bio-processes that result is what we receive: a material that is acridly repugnant to our innocent senses of smell and of taste, toxic to every organ and cell within our bodies, desensitizing and disorienting for our emotional and physical skills and dimensions, as well as demoralizing, degrading and destructive toward our social awareness and the creative Ideals of culture. And that is precisely what alcohol is within the being of civilized society.

It follows that a healthy, progressive culture would pass civil codes that stringently prohibit the use of alcohol within civilized society, except, perhaps as an external antiseptic. We might be amazed that the Law prohibiting the use of alcohol at the inception of the 1920’s was actually removed from the legal codes as a failure, after just a few years. Had our well – meaning legislators exercised the insight to first isolate and test, and make available, healthful euphoriants and performance enhancing substances as substitutes for the nefarious toxin, alcohol, before removing the traditional relaxation and party drug from the marketplace, their effort at ‘prohibition’ would very likely have succeeded.