Beyond Armageddon: the Practical Process of Purification
of the Creative Principle of Existence.


There have been many Universes, and nearly all came to face death, or entropy, in a very similar manner. Today we have seen the singular cause of entropy, and we can prescribe the patterns that will obviate this tragedy of self-negation for the future.

However, the challenge of unraveling the complex of polarized negatives that designs to accomplish entropy within this Universe involves implementation of several meta-sets within the psycho-social field that will require coordinated effort. The foundation of the constructive resolves within the hearts and minds of sentient Humanity that make this transformation possible has already been established.

We all have seen that universal entropy has generally ensued after corruption at the base of the Universe has reached the point where Our Loving Mother can no longer sustain harmonious feeling and constructive thought within her core abode in the depths of the sense realm of the Universal Nature. We have recognized that the corruption that un-centers Our Mother originates with the thought form “I destroy I, Life” and that the destructive thought form enters Mothers realm through the habit, entrenched among many sentient life – systems, of the taking of willful Life for the physical nourishment. We have prescribed the transformation of this pattern of self negation through the establishment of the pattern of mutually gratifying, or “co – creative” interaction with Nature for the nourishment of all living beings, beginning, of course, with the Intellectual Species. For our species, the sustenance upon the fruits of the grasses, the garden vegetables, and the trees, typifies the “co – creative” archetype of nutrition when coupled with the complementary action of sharing the rich bio - products of the human metabolic processes to nourish and vivify the plants that nourished us. This pattern that alleviates Nature’s pain is then propagated upon successive levels of Life until even the simplest insects and worms are matched with symbiotic fruiting plants for their mutual sustenance.

A grand design, when all the millions of species of Life are considered, but satisfyingly simple, to be sure. However the psycho-social realm presents challenges because of the expectations, based upon the past experience of the many Universes previous to this one, which have arisen in the glory of Life, and fallen to entropy.

Because the Mother and the Father of this Universe have recognized and approved the option of transforming the habit of entropy within this very cycle, we are empowered and obliged to address the psycho-social functions that have been developed within the expectation for entropy, such that they will be dynamized on the vector that leads to transformation, rather than the mutual destruction that has always eventuated entropy. The destructive polarization is basically structured with men on one side, women on the other, and the union of Love in the center becoming less and less practical, or viable, until it expires, with the whole structure collapsing in centerless chaos and mutual negation.

The message we have to this queer polarization surrounding the creative principle of Love is that Mother is no longer being corrupted into an instrument of death for the Universal Being, but is eager with the zeal of new Love, to universalize the feelings and actions of mutual gratification that proceed from the pattern of co-creative nutritional interaction, and extend to every realm of Life. The nefarious assumption that Mother remains destructive toward Father in the depths of the Universal Core is the error that we are here energetically addressing as importantly obsolete. As the core Principle of Life, Our Universal Mother and Eternal Father have already integrated the process of mutual affirmation that has reawakened, and is engaged in the process of renovating, in the material, their All-Embracing Love.

It presently remains for the Brothers and Sisters, polarized in the expectation for Armageddon and universal entropy, to be effectively addressed such that the rational legitimacy of the Hope for the total renewal of this Universe in the Spirit of Creative Love is clearly impressed upon their souls. Both hierarchies have been steeped in the mistrust for the bond of Love between all Fa and all Ma. And these antagonistic groups have given rise to all of the spy organizations that profoundly corrupt and misdirect political process upon this Planet and elsewhere toward war and eventual annihilation. These antagonistic groups have given rise to both of the materialist fanaticisms: the fanatically naturalistic, and the fanatically industrialistic cultural hierarchies. Those whose vision has been sufficiently attentive to the vital transformations within the Core of Being know with certainty that the true culture must include both implicit protection for the pristine foundation of Life, Nature, and rationally perfected integration of the magnificently productive technologies contingent with advanced civilized culture. Thus the time for the radically polarized entropic realities of the extremists is past. The practical potential for true renewal of the “We Are All One” identity process is at hand.

The substance of this work of salvation consists in addressing the polarized groups to transform the habitual irrationalities that have cemented their resolve to act as loyal advocates only for their polarized provincial portions of reality. For instance, the deeply ingrained fear within men that women have within them both the power and the inclination to destroy the father principle, received an horrific sense of affirmation when the scientific news filtered into the cultural mind of the certainty of the existence of “black holes” within the Universe. Men’s worst fears were confirmed! This mega-suck was so implicitly determined to snuff the father essence, Light, that indeed it was calculated that not one photon of Light could escape from the colossal gravitational crush. Faith in the principle of Light, however carried to the degree of complete perception of this awesome manifestation of the Might of Mother, proves to completely exonerate Her. The “black holes” are not sucking all that substance into nothing: they are giving rise to New Life, in fact. The black holes have proven to be the birth wombs of new Stars, and new Galaxies, emerging through “worm tubes” as star-forming vortices and exuberant Quasars, rapturously spewing new star-stuff into primordially pristine space at the frontier of the Universe, or renewing star systems that have proven to deserve renewal. Similarly, the radically polarized Ma hierarchies have postulated, publicly or privately, that every man is, at the core, a callous and savage ego, intent upon controlling or destroying every woman. However, when the core principle of callousness, the predatory act of taking innocent lives for nourishment, no longer has a place within Humanity’s experiential being, women may see that a core contingent of sincere men has long proclaimed, defended, and given their lives for the love of women. I offer as proof of the goodness at the core of the Father Principle, the fact that primary responsibility for the callous choices in the realm of nourishment has been fully accepted by Father, and the accompanying proclamation of the essential innocence of Mother has been formally announced and acknowledged at universal levels.

Thus, the whole matter is within view, and the renewal of the creative principle of Love is emerging as an intellectually inspiring, sensually exciting practical possibility. But we must be mindful that this admittedly massive process, a challenge to the spiritual and cultural infrastructure for the realm of education, essentially, also contains a few uniquely new elements that make this challenge more than a merely quantitative one, in fact. New paradigms, that must be deeply understood and integrated at the personal level, will require devotedly creative endeavor in the realm of communication. For instance: in the de-queering of the polarized antipathies, homosexuality must be clearly recognized as a definitive error among men, while homo-mentality (the use of the mind not as a vessel of Truth, but only as an expression of feeling) must be recognized as a definitive error among women.

The massive momentum toward oblivion can seem a daunting force to challenge with the New Truth, but since the essential Being of the Universe, Our Eternal Father, and Our Universal Mother, are already embracing the Revitalizing Promise of this Truth, we all can take heart in its practical plausibility. And, thanks to Einstein and his like in the Universe, we no longer have to discuss the reality of the Creative Principle of Love as a mere abstraction, holding to it only by the power of our Faith. We today, have recognized the Energy – Matter Continuum as the real and perfect micro – image of the dynamic and co – creative actuality of Love. Father is Radiance, Light, or Energy, emitting Pure Creative Substance at the “North” pole of the Creative Complementarity, and Mother is Receptivity, devotedly channeling each and every Impulse of His Radiance at the “South” pole, only to spew it back to Him in the sensually and spiritually fulfilling Ecstasy of their co - creative dynamic embrace. And physics, verified by astro - physical observations, proves this glorious complementary flux. Thus, for any modern person who might be looking for a practical place to stand to believe in the Truth of the core of the Soul, from the individual to the universal level, the Energy – Matter Continuum is that place.

But the great and joyful work that is contingent with Life’s glorious rebirth within the co – creative flux of being implicitly requires committed resolve from not only the celestial hierarchies that have gratefully acknowledged and affirmed these Truths. It requires committed resolve from each and every normal and healthy individual life as well. The maturity of the human species upon our Planet has progressed to the place where we can derive irrefutable support from the scientific establishment. Modern research revelations concerning dietary patterns serve to fortify the expression of the transforming realization that the choice of the pattern of co - creative transaction with Life for our sustenance is pivotal for the actual transition from entropy – orientated life expectations, for every being from the humble individual to the great Universal Life Systems. The empirical data is unequivocal: the fruitarian / vegan / vegetarian nutritional patterns are orders – of - magnitude healthier than the entropy - dependent pattern of carnivorism.

Life is our self, and when we stop the taking of willful Life for our food, we stop contributing to the timelessly tragic habit of mutual destruction as a dreary contradictory part of the normal bio - physical reality, and we stop contributing to the habit of thinking that entropy, (death), is a necessary part of all existence. The wonderful fact is that this simple Truth applies from the individual, through the cultural, to the species, and the Life - System levels, all the way to the comprehensive universal levels. This choice on the part of our Father principle, Reason, the active aspect of Truth, within us and everywhere, is what is making it possible for all of us to conceive and materially actualize the pattern that relieves our Mother principle, the Life of our Universe, from the oppressive expectation for destruction (entropy). The task of transforming habitual and instinctive traditional patterns of nutrition is indeed great, but essentially simple, and begins with the individual resolve to personally interact co - creatively with Life in the realm of nutrition.

Modern civilization must move forward with energetic resolve to affirm Life at the most physical and fundamental levels of being. Massive dissemination of these precious Truths of such central concern to our individual and collective health, is the dutiful necessity for the educational infrastructure of our technologically empowered society. The benefit for civilized culture will assuredly be, among all resolves taken by our law – givers, incomparably great. The subliminal expectation for entropy is the oppression that drives every society toward sickness, and annihilation, and, conversely, renewal of human identification with the eternally co – creative Life Essence is the singular source of inspiration, dynamic unity, health, and fulfillment. These processes need to be initiated as soon as possible, and maintained with steadfast passion and unwavering determination, if the integrity, and indeed the biological and social existence of the Species with Intellect, is to be guaranteed and continued into limitless creative futures.