In the Consideration for
the Humble Being of Our Mother, Nature,
Is the Renewal of the Pride Within All


A central focus has been discovered that enables the Living Universe to recognize the cause of Self - negation and abort the descent of all Life into entropy. The celebration of the Life Process as a Creative Identity engaging the Divine, the Reflective, and the Primal dimensions in an axial progression is the unifying and dynamizing concept.

It is the recognition that consideration for the primal dimension has been deficient which potentiates the renewal of self - respect for every realm of Life. The Unity of all three realms constitutes the Macro - Reality of the Universal Identity Principle, Life. When the reflective realm potentiates the divine appreciation for the primal realms of vegetative and animal sentience, even as viable presences in the realm of Eternal-Universal Soul, then the willful transition toward the total Self - Affirmation of the Life Principle is initiated. And only such Identity Process can achieve the genuine attainment of the obviation of entropy - the actual transcendence of Death, through the recognition of, and respect for, the Transcendent Principle of Identity Awareness within the entire Continuum of Being.

The material action which corresponds with transition to this aeonically momentous achievement is so disarmingly modest that the mind enthralled with the grand meaning of the phenomena to which we refer might be exasperated by the simplicity of this Truth, and despair of the authenticity of the realization just enjoyed. It is the pure, simple action of exclusively choosing the fruits of co - creative interaction with the Sustaining Life Matrix to nourish the physical metabolic processes that initiates the pattern which progresses toward the total Self - Affirmation of the Life Principle. The question comes before us time and time and time again “If this would have fulfilled the dearest desires of so many generations of Humanity, so many universes, preceding our evolution, why didn’t we (they) decide this earlier?!?!?” The answer is simple : Many previous Universal beings realized that the sustanence of the human body upon the fruit of creative interaction with Life, rather than slaughter, would produce a clearer realization of the Eternal Unifying Truth. The effectiveness, however, of this quintessential realization was limited by the scope of their ability to apply It. And their ability was limited by the stage of maturity of their respect for the Intellect. The Blessing of the Realization was never fully extended to relieve the suffering of all the ancestral species - all of the constituent personalizations of Primal Life, both Vegetative, and Animal - because appreciation for the intellectual principle had not been stably extended to include the level of identity with Primal Beingness. With this dawning stage of realization, the comprehensive stage of Identity is being achieved.

We have to remember that Mind evolved from the simple awareness of primal ancestors in the course of evolution. The locus of identity in our more primal ancestry had shifted ever so gradually from the body - identified consciousnesses of pre - reflective progenitors to approach the exhalted realizations that would cause the luminaries of our forebearers to identify with their Eternal Ideals, and Intellectual Processes themselves. Only with the full maturation of this process would human identity ripen from “a species with intellect” to an Intellectual Species. Only when the individuals within the species are capable of living within the Truth of their Ideals are they fully capable of actualizing their purpose to serve as the view of Objective Truth for all of Life, the real function of the head within the body of all Being. The achievement of this perspective represents real stability for the evolution of Life Awareness, because it represents truly conscious self-control, and it represents something momentous for the intellectual realm as well: the completion of the fundamental trinity of viewpoints necessary to achieve Objective View, and therefore real certainty.

Thus, the suffering of the primal realms of Life concerns us as a mature intellectual species, as genuinely as the suffering of our own personal body concerns our own personal mind. These realizations have led us to observe that care for the natural Life - matrix that sustains us is the quintessential Moral Duty of our time. Our sense of dignity and collective self - worth will be so invigorated when we extend thoroughgoing, responsible care to our Mother, Nature, that we will assuredly find the resources, both spiritual and material, to genuinely alleviate much more of the inequities that cause the unnecessary suffering of our own species as well. In actuality it had been largely our inability to regard All of Life as our own True Being that caused our illnesses and injustices in the first place. And it is the transcendent focus, not upon our own desires and passions, nor upon the whims and pronouncements of our fellow humans, but upon the needs of the Life Matrix which brought forth all of us, that matures us into the fully potentiated Co - Creators (Co - Creators with the Supreme Principle, Life), that our Souls have ever expected us to become.