Civilization Must Affirm Life, or Accept Oblivion


The development of the Intellectual Species encompasses four phases of mental evolution – the instinctive phase, the intuitive phase, the feeling phase, and the intellectual phase. These correspond with the four Human sub – races, the black, the yellow, the red, and the white, respectively. With the ascent of the white sub – race, we have seen the modern civilization assert it’s leadership position within the Life – Matrix through an industrial productiveness that has expanded at an exponential rate as we have moved into the technological stage of the expression of culture. The innate conscience of our species, to revere and protect the Life System which evolved and nourishes us, is facing increasing challenge from technical mentalities who regard our Living Planet as nothing more than a concrete mass of material resources to be exploited for technological expansion. The battle between the Life – affirming and the Life – exploiting forces is intense, within the halls of the legislatures of our Planet, and within the halls of the Heart.

Consider this : that the Red Race had technocracy, aeons ago, and pushed it to the point of threatening the Life of our Planet Itself. They produced a quasi – living mechano - computer, which mined the planetary crust, reproduced and expanded itself, until it’s mass covered seventy – two percent of the planetary surface, with computational abilities thousands of times beyond today’s main frame supercomputers, yet the ultimate summation of it’s productiveness was humiliation and horror. The trauma of seeing their technical arrogance threaten the Soulful Vitality of their Mother Planet produced in them a re - affirmed reverence for Life, which today we see in the naturalistic traditions of this ancestral sub – race to the White Race.

We represent the promise to create a technology that is a complement to the entire planetary Life Matrix, and the entire continuum of evolutionary experience. Having seen the awesome seductiveness of the machine, in the experience of our predecessors, we can say this with confidence only after having given Oath before all Sacred Authority that our material production will be free from the self – predation that causes the Technoid to threaten the Life which evolved it.

The Machine is made in the contemplative flux with the primal material emission, and will reflect the character of being present in the primal production. If the idea “we destroy Life” is present in the primal material, the same idea will be found in the manifestation of the technological matter, as well. The choice to nourish Humankind upon the Fruits gained by creative transaction with the Life Matrix produces a material emission and a material mind which is friendly, co – operative, creative, and harmonious with Life. Only thus can the technical culture become stable, that is, free from it’s inherently self – destructive flaws.