Creatively Inspired Qualitative Increase for Humanity


Because we are passionately proud of our families, communities, cultures, and traditions, and that pride abides most centrally in the love for Life Itself that we continually re-discover and celebrate in each other, we must step into the maturity phase of our existence as a “Species with Intellect”, and share the Reality of what inspires us in the overt and specific ways that establish and protect the Life that we love and share. It is only after the virtue of forthrightness has called us forth to formulate the appreciative, overt, and precise description of the Way of our Life, that we can examine the summation of what we are within the Union of all intelligent cultures and begin to enjoy the genuine security that accompanies membership within that great celestial community of intelligent cultures who adhere faithfully to the ”We Are All One” perspective.

Therefore the effort to describe the human identity process employing only the symbols that refer to the objective empirical elements of the life system that is Humanity is the commendable vector of creative endeavor that promises the greatest cultural fruit for our time: a clear, precise, and comfortable self-revelation of the essential character of our species as a whole. With this essentially simple identity process at our center, global unity can be seen and felt as attainable. These objective elements are sufficiently of essence to describe the same cognitive domains expressed by planetary faiths, pragmatic approaches, and political ideologies, but, employing only simple, rational, empirical terms, they show the relationship of our species of Humanity with Life Itself as a co-creative and mutually gratifying process, and perfectly conserved (in the Energy-Matter sense) although dynamically and emphatically progressive.

Central to the actualization of the unifying processes we describe is the shift from quantitative to qualitative pride (from ‘more people’ to ‘better people’) in the culturing of human identity. This is of timely essence at this point within our planetary civilization today, and interestingly, is also of moment within the culture celestial. And, importantly, with cultural and celestial considerations aside, the life-giving transition away from creative-destructive self-concept to the co-creative and eternally progressive self-concept pivots around the willingness of Humanity to explore and celebrate the fascinatingly new archetypes of intimacy that are appropriate to the shift toward the enhanced qualitative identity processes of the New Age culture. The new intimacies are the substance and essence of this long-anticipated and intensely desired transition.

The human identity was indeed crystallized in the flame of the “We Are All One” realization, and the Ideals that guided the formation of our Laws as well as the perspectives that guided the formation of our natural faith in ‘family values’ all trace their origin to that Ecstatic Light of realization. And, since the shift to the purely co-creative relationship with Life in the realm of nutrition potentiates, for the first time, not only freedom from bodily disease, but also the complete integration of the “We Are All One” ideal, human intimacy is at last liberated to stand in the Light of Purity, finally legitimized by the removal of the “I negate I, Life” from the identity process at the foundation of our biological being. The door thus opens to the recognition of the complete legitimacy of Love as both the ethereal principle and the practical process emerging from the Creative Principle of Identity at the center of our physical, social, and cognitive self-concept. No longer divorced from the processes that provide sustenance for our bodies, love is now freed from the insulting insinuations of childishness and impracticality that have degraded the realization of the All-Affirming Ideal since the dawn of time. And men no longer burdened with the gross tasks of hunting, fishing, or slaughtering livestock, shall no longer be alienated right out of soulful participation in the spiritual celebrations. So the full integration of the most healthfully sustaining nutritional pattern, the pattern of fruitarian-vegetarianism, is fundamental to the transition to the culture that lives entirely co-creatively. This New Age culture celebrates the alternation between experiential nodes of creative sensation and creative cognition, enjoying the transitions from pleasure, to measure, to leisure, rather than having to accept a relatively manic-depressive existence that merely vacillates between the poles of creativity and destructiveness, pleasure and pain.

So, given we have the courage to manifest sufficient focus and will to achieve the transition to the nutritional pattern that will liberate our sensory dimensions from the cultural suppressions made necessary by association of the digestive dimensions with destructive activities, the launch of our intimate interpersonal explorations beyond the constraints of instinct-bound tradition promises raptures and ecstasies that are more healthful for both the body and the mind. But these are also a personal exploration of dimensions of freedom in the Unity of Life that might have been contemplated previously only as idealizations, or fantasies, rather than as the wonderfully tangible inter - personal, reeling – with - feeling, mind - entwined, forever to be cherished convergences that they are, in fact, experientially.