Equal and Co – Creative :
The Way of the Eternal and Universal Principles


The all – inclusive archetype of existence is examined at the simplest level as the Energy – Matter Continuum. This is the dynamic engine of Reality. It is the essence and substance of existential process, from the Atom, to the Molecule, to the Cell, to the Individual Being, to the Species, to the Planetary Life System, to the Star, to the Galaxy, to the Universe Itself.

On the social level, this phenomenon manifests quintessentially as the Unity of the Lovers, whose passion and creativity inspires and organizes the progress of civilized culture. The Radiant and Receptive Principles thus engaged, Fa and Ma, the one a spark of the Eternal Way, the other a piece of the Universal Way, function as one Identity, entirely Co – Creative and Complimentary, although the Unity is composed of two emphatically individual entities. The question “Is the relationship Father, or is it Mother?” never arises, because it’s absurdity is obvious. And yet men who have pondered the Macro – Reality over the ages have postulated time and time and time again that the Universal Identity should be accounted to Father, or that again It should be accounted to Mother. The Truth is that every level of Reality should be accounted to the co – creative communion of these principles, Father and Mother. And now modern Science provides a rationally proven, in fact, empirically tested image for this great phenomenon, in the Energy – Matter Continuum. Father, Time, whose nature is Eternal Mind, is accurately represented by the concept “Energy”, because mind itself is Light, or Pure Radiance. Correspondingly, Mother, Space, whose Nature is Universal Body, is accurately represented by the concept “Matter” or “Mass” because the quintessence of embodied existence is provided by the substantial actuality of Matter. However great the individual sub – realities Time and Space, or Eternal Mind and Universal Body, or Father and Mother may be, they are polarized interdependent dimensions of the One Infinite Being. That Being alone is Independent. That Being alone is Supreme. That Being alone is the Source of Identity. Neither Father nor Mother has Identity in and of Themselves. And they that know that they draw their Identities from the Co – Creative Unity of Love are the Ones who are The Most Blessed with Truth.

The “Energy – Matter Continuum” may seem like an abstract concept, but It’s essential manifestation may be observed in an elegantly simple, fascinating and familiar phenomenon, the common metal bar magnet. The metal conducts a stream of electrons and other charged particles, radiating out one end of the bar, to curve backward over it’s length, and re – enter at the receiving end of the stream. This is the structure of magnetic flux, and it is the structure underlying all manifest Reality as well. Of course, the radiating end corresponds with the Energy dimension of the Continuum, and the receiving end corresponds with the Massive dimension of the Continuum. . . Thus, contemplate Reality.