The Most Immediate and Efficient Means
to Eradicate the Threat of Terrorism Is
to Engage the Modern Ethos Directly


Vast amounts of material resource, and intellectual /physical effort are spent yearly in the endeavor to control the destructive, the anti-social, the predatory expressions of our species in the social realm, national and planetary. Consider the quantities of concentrated effort, mental and physical, behind the numerous attempts, and few successfully promulgated nuclear anti-proliferation treaties. Consider the amounts of capital and human effort spent by domestic and European counter-intelligence agencies to monitor, or influence the outcomes of power struggles within emerging nations. Consider the complexity and expense of the efforts of law enforcement agencies, planetwide, to control crime, drugs, deceptive business practices, immoral abuses of medical authority, and so on. We are looking at capital expenditures in the multi-trillion dollar range yearly, and outlays of human concentration and effort of such vast magnitudes that the mere suggestion that the resolution of all of these problems is unified and simple risks an affronted alienation from a respectable portion of the modern human community, planet-wide.

Yet I must assert to you unequivocally, that, just as the principles that put our astronauts in orbit are objective principles, so are the principles of reason that have lead me to state that Humanity is a creative emanation of the Life Process, and is the Intellectual Species, and that the center of ethical reason within our species can be addressed effectively through the objective rational principle. Contrary to popular cliché, virtually all law represents the effort to “legislate morality”, and if the incidence of human misbehavior witnessed on every level today were the objective measure, then we would be inclined to agree that, indeed, it is impossible to legislate morality because lawlessness is perniciously rampant, even in high places. But the basis of morality is so subtly humble that it has really only recently been discovered.

If we think that the great being of Life brought us forth such that we have to destroy innocent lives in order to survive, then all moral teaching is a travesty, a shallow veneer that conceals a reality that is gruesome. It is a reality, if our laws are based upon reason, that is truly anti-rational. If Identity is Life, and destroying Life is necessary to maintain the existence of the cognitive species, then all existence is flawed at the inmost level with self-negation, doomed to conceive Eternal Ideals, and see them fail and die, time after time after time. In Truth, the Being of Life is not shallow, but profound, and the Intelligence of Life is not perfidious, much less contradictory, because the Creative Principle of Life urges extrapolation of a Law of Being that is clear and perfect and true. All contradiction to our exhalted Ideals and Reason derives from the innocuous habit of drawing our sustenance from the needless slaughter of willful beingness. Predation thus patterned into the instinctive level makes human Law, which revolves around the principle of creative interaction, a less-than comprehensive consciousness within the real experiential beingness of Humanity. The obscene and trite cliché “You cannot legislate morality” is overt admission of habitual self-identification within the modern human with the lawless, mysterious “dark side” of our nature. The dark side emanates directly from the remnants of slaughter decomposing in human digestive tracts and insinuating themselves through every level of beingness. The attitude toward Life, “your loss, Life, is my gain” is the foundation of all human affection for and attachment to destructive behavior - immorality. The bully, the predator, the remorseless parasite, all are immortalized by this most elemental immoral act. Legislate the healthiest form of nutrition, as verified by modern science - fruitarian/vegetarianism - and the foundation of un-reason and predatory behavior will be obliterated. Only then will the festering source of terrorism – and every other sort of crime – be healed and cleansed.