Examining Nature Appreciation in the Pure State of Being


The imperative clarity and comprehensiveness required to effectively face and master the challenges of guiding our planetary civilization away from competitive provincialism and toward the goal of a Creative Unity obliges us to do everything within our power to refine and intensify the problem-solving ability of ourselves and our people. We are ashamed then, if we neglect to properly note the essentiality of an intimate unity with the Ground of All Being for the proper clarifying contrast to place the complexity of our technological society in the appropriately comprehensive context. Nature is the source of all the data streams that sustain technology. Physics, Biology, Chemistry… all are dimensions of Her perfect expression. Mathematics is Her Perfect Measurement. Even Psychology, in a real sense the study of Knowingness Itself, would have no existence without Her Dynamizing Vitality to provide perspective.

The Mind and the Body constitute the polar dimensions between which oscillates our Essential Identity. And the proper complementarity to the modern techno-political intensity is the surrendered re-union with the ancient bio-emotional immensity of Our Mother, Nature. The guiding parameters for our choices of relaxation have been determined, as we observed, by the imperative need for efficiency in our endeavor toward the re-formulation of the self-concept of modern Humanity to encompass authentically both the natural and the technological dimensions of Identity. Enhancing the depth and effectiveness of our contact with Nature, the Ground of our Being, is a readily recognizable duty, predicated by the industrially intensified clamor within the uniquely human technological dimension of the Mind-Body continuum of experience. And Time, being the irreplaceably precious constituent that it is within our often frenetic lives, efficient relaxation is precisely as important, in a perfectly complementary way, as efficient productivity is, within the workplace. The whole life system thrives upon such a complementarity; a co-creative interplay between work and recreation, tension and relaxation.

Therefore, what the modern world needs, to advance the notion of relaxation beyond mere distraction, or perhaps torpor, is an inspired re-examination of the necessity for intimate immersion into the pre-reflective realms of sensory unity to balance the teeming dynamism of the unified levels of intellect in a technological age. The goal is to provide the immediacy and depth of experience required to reintegrate the modern soul with the level of essentiality of Being that alone can complement and bear the burden of the perilous flight of our souls through the adolescence of our mighty technology. Even among lives who are enriched by a fruitful and satisfying sex life, the need remains for a release that takes us beyond ourselves, beyond all human games and compulsions, to the pure context where we may re-discover ourselves amidst the all-affirming goodness of the essential Creative Beingness Itself.

And there is no alternative location for such a fundamental re-grounding of the senses. The senses are the intelligence of the Body, and if the Body is to know the all-embracing immersion into the creative foundation that is the source of Mind, the person must be re-introduced to Nature. Mother Nature is the designer and builder of the Body, and rediscovery of the omnipresence of the renewing vitality of intimacy with Her is the reintegration the modern mind needs to achieve objective perspective upon the frenetic specializations required by our modern age. The all-renewing touch of Our Mother, so urgently demanded for the health and peace of mind of today’s populace, can only be realized with an attitude toward optimal efficiency that is shameless in its willingness to abandon the restraints that were tailored for centuries less mature in the ways of freedom than we are today. Our precious leisure time is more healthfully and more satisfyingly spent nude, whether we are enjoying fitness activities, or conversing with friends, or catching up on some pleasant reading, or observing the Beauty of the natural Life Matrix upon our land or in some sub-aquatic realm. Quality of experience must be the criterion, and there is no rational refutation to the position that affirms that the most comprehensive sensory experience is only available in the nude. As people need this dimension of experience to appreciate wholeness, it is the reponsibility of our legislators to make provision within the civil codes that regulate our recreational spaces to guarantee that the healthful optimum is not merely permitted, but encouraged, for the physical and mental health and the spiritual serenity and satisfaction of our people.

We recommend that every public beach, whether fresh or salt water, be zoned to include at least one generous section for clothing-optional recreational purposes, and that every green preserve with recreational use trails, be regulated to include hours, or days for clothing-optional nature appreciation activities.

As a society we have barely begun to explore the potential of social nude recreation, although science has already observed and reported that body-affirming (life-affirming) attitudes and activities significantly enhance the individual’s health in the realms of both the body and the mind. It is time to assert the natural and empirical actuality of the appropriateness of fully committed nature appreciation - nude recreation - for the health and peace of our bodies and minds, and for the integrity, healthfulness, and rationality of our culture as a whole.