Experiential Correlations of The Sacred Sound With The Essential Reality

The Essential Reality described in terms of The Energy – Matter Continuum

Has Correspondence with Every Phenomenon of Life,

From the Smallest Atom, to the Unity of All Universal Beings within Time Eternal.

Ancient Contemplatives described this Singular Actuality

As the causal Word “AUM”, which is emphatically One,

But consists of Three Innate Aspects,

The “A” aspect, corresponding with the Originating Creativity,

Which Realm also correlates with the Expression

Of the Deity Principle Known as Brahma,

The “U” aspect, corresponding with the Sustaining Potencies of Being,

Which Realm also correlates with the Expression

Of the Deity Principle Known as Vishnu,

And the “M” aspect corresponding with the Transforming Dynamism

Which Realm also correlates with the Expression

of the Deity Principle Known as Shiva.

Thus, The Living Word, or AUM,

Encompassing the three Quintessential Modes of Action,

Is an Experiential Description

Of the Existential Phenomenon described by the Great Paradigm,

Known as The Energy Matter Continuum.

And Just as the Great Formulation which Describes

The Universal Existential Phenomenon, The Energy - Matter Continuum,

Can Be Legitimately Written with primary reference to either Energy or Matter,

( E=MC2 ), or ( M=E/C2 ),

The Supreme Sound Celebrates The Essential Reality

From the Standpoint of Both

The Father Principle, Energy,

And the Mother Principle, Matter,

With Equal Legitimacy.

The Corresponding Utterances, “AUM”, and “MA”,

Each describe, through the expressive medium of Vibration,

The Selfsame Essential Reality,

The First, from the Standpoint of the Energy Dimension of the Continuum,

The Second, from the Standpoint of the Matter Dimension of the Continuum.

Since the Sacred Syllable “AUM”, is Sacred because of the

Eternal and Universal Sacredness

of the All - Manifesting Reality to Which It Refers,

And the Syllable "Ma" refers to that Identical Essential Reality,

The Word “MA”, and the Way of Our Mother, Universal, Must Be

Formally Regarded as Intrinsically Imbued With the Same Sacredness,

And Therefore, Equal in Dignity, in Grace, and in Respectability,

To the Word and the Way of Her Eternal and Co – Creative Partner,

Our Father, “AUM”.

These Complementary Considerations regarding the Primordial Creative Principle,

Or Fundamental Vibration, Have Always Been True,

But the Co – Creative Complementarity of the Polar Personal Perspectives of the

Continuum of Life Advance in Acceptability as Our Sense of the Existential Equality

Between Our Eternal Father and Our Universal Mother

Progresses toward Practical Perfection within Our Laws and Social Expressions.