In This Time of Expanding Freedom for Both The Woman and The Child
Let The Breast Ride The Crest!


The Species with Intellect is a mammalian species. Before we were defined as the species with self-aware thought, we were defined, in major part, by the milk-producing breasts. From our primordial stone age experience to the complexity of our experience in this emerging technological age, the breasts have represented the physical proof of the love of our mothers. Where once the infinity of Nature was the solitary and indisputable force shaping the expression of our species, the human environment is now irrefutably re-shaped by humanity, and the breast, a definitive part of the identity of our species, has had a correspondingly great influence in forming and shaping our personal lives, and guiding the course of our individual and cultural evolution.

And, where once the breasts served solely the purpose of nourishing the infant, today their very well-being depends upon our willingness to recognize the progress of the importance of these precious organs within our personal and social lives. Suppression of our love for the breasts, and the general recession of the sensual dimension of the human identity experience due to ‘the pressures of modernity’ has caused these precious nodes of human vital essence to occupy an ambiguous place within the modern feelings, and to suffer the indignity of corruption from disease caused by this ambivalent ignorance as the result. Certainly the organs which unambiguously embody the goodness of love within our species and order of living beings should receive our unambiguously strong and steadfast approval, protection, and support. The breasts, as the organs of sense that are nearest to our heart, should occupy an unimpeachable position of affection and respect within our hearts, our minds, and our senses.

Thus the modern movements to “Liberate the Breast”, may be impelled by emotion, but are founded upon rational principle that extends to both the heights and the depths of the human cultural experience. Our culture prides itself in being grounded within the love for Freedom and Justice, but to celebrate these principles as abstraction only is to fail to grasp the meaning of our hundreds of civil codes which intend to defend the sacredness of Life Itself and human life as a living reality. If the love for Freedom does not include the right to appreciate, even celebrate, the Beauty and Goodness of our body’s perfect purposes and design, then our Ideal of Freedom has failed to reach the existential base of human inspiration and experience itself, the physical reality.

We can here refer to a glaring example of the misdirection of human shame and civil authority in a recent event that happened upon the world stage of human culture. The misbegotten over-reaction of the civil authorities of our culture to a famous female pop singer’s “wardrobe malfunction” during the halftime show at The Super Bowl did more to proliferate breast cancer than any other public action within recent memory. These very same civil authorities who wasted public time and taxpayers funds to specifically outlaw such incidental outbursts of sensuous enthusiasm had borne witness, just a few years before, to the testimony of elder hierarchies which had recommended, in council with our governing officials, the social appreciation of the human breasts as the natural cure for the increase of breast cancer in the decade of the 1980’s, and for all time. The breasts are organs of love, and need to be loved if they will be normal and healthy. If their enjoyment is suppressed like something evil, they are subjected to un-centering and damaging cognitive forces that impair their naturally pure vitality and well-being, making them vulnerable to cancer and other illnesses. This attention to an un-healthy and mis-conceived concept of ‘propriety’ deploys an apparently indisputable cultural will that is qualified by fear against the commendably purposed and pleasingly designed organs of mammalian love. The indisputable cultural will should always be qualified by the creative, co-operative feelings and rational thoughts that issue from our natural unity, which is the source of all of our inspired Ideals and all good law.

Thus, the timely requirement is the re-thinking of our attitudes toward the breasts such that we always keep sight of their significance as the living proof of the loving sociability and innovativeness of our species and our order of life. Indeed the perfectly founded instincts to protect the sacred core of our life should be activated and deployed here to intelligently protect the innocence of motherhood and infancy and the precious organs most directly associated with them. The traditionally suppressive attitudes toward public sexuality must not be allowed to extend to the breasts, as their significance, although irrefutably joined with the amorous adventures of lovers, is far too broad and profound to allow the breasts to be condemned to darkness with the whole range of other human activities that would be too distracting for the workplace or the traffic intersection. Indeed rational analysis demands that an air of normalcy be repositioned around the breasts, and that air of normalcy ought to be qualified with appreciative, approving social attitude to purposely and properly reverse the damaging effects of suppression upon these innocent and irrefutably pleasing parts of human experience.

Thus, for the well-being of the infant and all womankind, certainly, but also for the sake of the honor and dignity of reason itself, an intentional overt transition toward an emphatically more appreciative attitude with regard to the human breasts is an imperative need. With clear perception that this is not merely a psycho-social or spiritual issue, but one that has immediate and profound public health ramifications, our society must move forward to effect this necessary change with swift and strong resolve.