Grace Before Sustanence

( # 1. )

We Thank the Supreme Spirit of Life,

Immanent within Everything-

The Creative Essence

From Whom We All Derive Our Identity-

For This Wholesome, Fragrant, Nourishing, and Delicious Fruit.

We Gratefully Acknowledge That This Substance Has Been Manifested within

the Pattern of Co-Creative, or Mutually Beneficial Interaction

As the Fulfillment Of the Hope within All Life

Such That Life Should Become Free

From the More Primitive Patterns of Predation and Parasitism

Within Our Evolutionary Experience.

We Celebrate in These Good Fruits, the Actuality of the Way of Life

That has Transcended Fear, and Pain, and even Death,

And We Consecrate Their Assimilation and Use

To the Advancement of the Patterns

Of Mutually Gratifying,


Or Loving Interaction,

That Evolved These Precious Gifts,

Until All Life Systems are Established

In the Healthful, Joyous, and Enlightened Designs

Of the Creative Way of Life, In Accordance With

The Will and Desire of Our Supreme Creator,

Who is Eternal, Universal Love.