Prayer of Gratitude for Sustenance

We Thank the Supreme Spirit of Life For this Good Fruit!

We Appreciate that This Blessed Nourishment Has Come Forth Only After

Long-Suffering and Steadfast Endeavor

On the Part of the Great Life Process

In the Effort to Bring Forth

Forms of Existence That Are Free

From the Pain and Fear Contingent with

the More Primitive Levels Of Evolutionary Experience.

We Celebrate the Success of This Endeavor

In These Good Fruits,

And Consecrate their Assimilation and Use

To the Advancement of the Patterns of

Co Creative, or Mutually Beneficial, Or Loving Interaction

That Evolved These Blessed Gifts

Until Every Life System Is, In Fact, Lifted Above Pain and Fear,

And Established within the Ways of Our Supreme Creator

Who Is Love, Eternal and Universal.