Grace Before Sustanence

( # 3. )

In the Name of the One Living Spirit,

We Celebrate this Nourishment as Material Proof

Of the Legitimacy of the Promise of Love

In that These Good Fruits

Were Manifested Within the Patterns of

Mutually Gratifying, or Co Creative, or Loving Interaction

In the Natural Course of the Evolutionary Process,

And Therefore, They Exonerate the Idealists

Who Have Believed in the Essentiality, Practicality, and

The Universality of Love

Since the Beginning of Time.

We Consecrate the Assimilation and Use

Of These Precious Substances

To the Proliferation of the Magnificently Fruitful

All-Win Pattern of Mutually Gratifying Interaction

That Brought Forth These Good Gifts

Until Every Life System is Lifted Above

The Pain and Fear that is Contingent with the

More Primitive Patterns of Predation and Parasitism,

And Is Established within the Co - Creative, Mutually Beneficial,

And Loving Ways of Our Supreme Creator

Who is Eternal, Universal Love.