Gyroscopic Contemplations


Counterclockwise Rotation, Yang;
Clockwise Rotation, Yin.

The Need to Relate Created Spin
At the pre-molecular phase of Atomic Evolution.
With an Axis, Atoms Could form Molecules, and thus, Stable Relationship.

The Urge to Sacrifice Mass Identity became the Primordial Yang.
Sacrificing his Identity with Mass, Primal Father Relinquished the Security
Of Implicit Identification with Power
In Order to Fulfill the Desire within Mass
For Relationship.

In Becoming Spin, Fatherís Self-Transforming Effort Created Stability,
Based Upon Gyroscopic Vector, And Potentiated the Relational Dimension.
And Spin Generated, Incidentally, (for the first time), Field, or Energy,
The Real-Time Product of his Release of Identity with Power or Mass.
Thus, the Electron is Incidental to Fatherís Actuation of Spin.

By the Way, the Appearance of Neutrons Is a Relatively Recent Phenomenon,
Corresponding with the Substantial Correlate to the Significance of Experience:
Previous Universes made Something Real within Time Essence, Eternity,
And That Is Present within Subsequent Cycles of Creation as Real Substance
That Yet Fully Respects the Implicit Need within Each New Universe
To Be Its Own Description of The Infinite Creative Principle: Neutron.