The Incipient Age of Truth


People in our time are capable of recollecting significant moments such as the affirmation extended from galactic hierarchies on 31 January, 2010 asserting the full exoneration of our beloved Planet. No longer is the emphasis upon penance appropriate for this World or Her people. No longer is suppression of the physical love the dutiful necessity for those who would direct the focus of our planetary souls toward Higher Planes and “the Hereafter” to give genuine Hope to citizens of a doomed world. Now this lovely Planet, our Mother, is being re-discovered as The Precious One, long lost, who brought forth the individuations of Our Father, Eternal, and Our Mother Universal, for their very first personal experience of Love in the flesh. This Planet has been revealed to have an experiential Planetary Soul that is at least ninety-two point three trillion years of age, in a Universe whose age is now measured some ninety-six point three trillion of our years. And Her Preciousness is reawakening to expand into new heights and depths of passion. It is a celebration of genuinely all-satisfying Love, inspired with a tangible Hope for a re-vivified Universal Being. That Hope is founded upon a progression of the foundations of eternal logic that has potentiated the real and rational perception of the Eternal Universal Identity within and everywhere that is comprehensible and attainable for every normal individual with only a modest amount of sincere effort.

With clear understanding of the simple shift from the predatory to the co-creative relationship with Life for the nourishment of intelligent beings, people of every level of intellectual ability and of every spiritual orientation are able to see the design that liberates Mother Life from fear, and pain, and even death, as the fulfillment of their own inmost will and desire. With this soulful adoption of the Creative Principle of Identity as the inspired, innermost, and precious realization, no longer will the spectre of the self-negating industrial colossus haunt the subconscious of our technological creativity. Our minds and hearts are already re-structuring Identity process such that we can confidently trust both the natural creativity of the human Intellect and the boundless Creativity of Life Itself. The illusion of “the dark side” of human nature has been vanquished simultaneously and co-causally with the illusion of a mindful evil. Evil was always only an illusion caused by pain. And pain was always presumed to be a necessary part of the natural process of Sustenance. But with the ripening of this New Age of Love Science, the perfect pattern of Fruitarian Vegetarian nourishment is now ascending to prominence within our cultural mind and the awareness of the most sensitive and intelligent individuals. Nature has for epochs labored patiently, experimenting by trial and error, and her magnificently colorful and fragrant and flavorful masterpiece, the mutually gratifying relationship between the fruiting plants and their gratefully co-creative animal partners, has finally come into focus and fullness as the clear resolution to virtually all of the fundamental problems of existence.