The Maturity of the Universe


All Manifestation is constituted of micro - selves of the Infinite Being, Life. We have observed that the essential archetype of manifestation, that is, the essential structure of each of the myriad micro - selves, is trinitary. As the very existence of time and space is extension, (the extension of mind or light into space constituting the phenomenon we know as time), the fundamental phenomenon itself must be thought of as having extension, not merely as a point, but as having a beginning, a middle, and an end. In point of experiential fact, the concepts “one” and “two” therefore, are as theoretical as the concept “zero”. The first actual phenomenon is “three”. Since extension is the fundamental phenomenon, and since three is the fundamental way of describing extension, three automatically becomes a very important concept on each of the very many levels of Reality. The root, trunk, and crown constitute the tree; the infancy, adolescence, and adulthood constitute the person. And, in the dimension most fundamental to all identity processes, the dimension of the Universal Identity Process, a coronation phase event is already in the process of unfolding.

We are referring to the attainment of the stable trinitization phase of the Manifest Deity Identity Functions. Everyone with even a small increment of awareness in this region knows that the “Da” is the basic identity of the Manifest Deity ; and most also know that the Ma has achieved Her unique dimension of Identity Expression, built upon the foundation of the Da, which is known as the “La”. The Da embodies the Practical Laws of existence ; the La expresses the Artistic and Aesthetic realms of the Soul; and the third phase, the “Ta”, which is only just now emerging as an independent Identity Function, expresses the Scientific function of Culture known as the Objective Intellect. And with the arrival of the Maturity Phase, the “Ta”, The Universal Identity Process Itself will have achieved the Truth Awareness, the attainment of the stable Trinitization. And it is only with the attainment of this stage that the principle of awareness can experience the stable perception of Self and Reality.

Trinitzation is essential because, with the stabilization instituted by the third perspective, one can contemplate the meaning of the constellations of self-other interactions. At the first stage there is only self, and at the second stage, there is only the perception of the self, or the perception of the other, even with regard to their Unity ; but with the arrival of the third stage, the Unity, or the relationship itself, can be perceived and examined as a discrete entity. As two points can only constitute a straight line, and they can only draw closer or disperse further away from each other, varying distance, but not changing perspective, subjectivity is the inescapable context of all relationships in the realms of one or two. But, with the attainment of the third perspective, the relationships of self-other, self-world, and self-universe, can be examined in the Light of a trustworthy objective standard of evaluation. The basis for Objective Truth, such objectivity is potentiated by the comprehensiveness afforded within the perspective which includes both of the subjective polarities, and the unifying context of the relationship itself. We can now contemplate objectively the relational flux which has always engaged us subjectively. This provides a secure perspective for the perception of the innate order within our engaging relationships, and within all phenomena, which then gives the reflective species, and by extension, the Universe, the first real experience of Certainty. This is a qualitative quantum leap for the species, for the Universe, and for Life itself. Only with Certainty can come the experience of Real Security, Real Self - Awareness, and Real Fulfillment in Existence.

It is true, as the Hindus, Buddhists, and other ancient religions say, that many, many Universes have come into, and have departed from Existence prior to the arising of this present Universe. At the beginning, entire Universes were required to evolve the existence of the stable Atom…numerous Universes. Universes of additional experience were required to achieve the phenomenon of molecular union, to achieve atomic spin, to labor the complex family of Atoms into existence which we currently describe in the periodic table of elements. Multiple universal epochs of additional experience were absorbed exploring the relatively infinite molecular realm of possible inter–atomic conjunctions before the first willful molecule, or replicating protein, or proto–virus, was successfully evolved. (We are told that some thirty-thousand entire cycles, births and deaths of the Universal Being, were required simply to evolve the unsheathed proto – virus into the first encapsulated life module, or cell.) Thus, the primal locus of the sense of selfhood, the cell, came into being, ( this most basic level of Truth for the human individuality ), only after the evolutionary endeavor of Matter through some two-hundred thousand Universal Epochs, (births, lifetimes, and deaths of the Universe Itself). Unicellular experience encompassed many thousand additional Universal Cycles, or Epochs, (on the order of ten thousand), before stable multi – cellular symbiotic unions were attained. The development of the discrete realms of the plant and the animal kingdoms, with their complex webs of interdependence, required many thousands of additional cycles of Universal Beingness, of course, (we are told, some eighty-thousand cycles, approximately). And all of this effort was precedent to, and constituent to, the arising of the first Human, the first specifically Reflective Being.

Each Universal Epoch encompasses approximately One Hundred Trillion years. Thus, it has required roughly (400,000 Universal Epochs, @ 100,000,000,000,000 years/Epoch) forty million trillion earth years for the Universal Life Process to evolve the Conscious Identity to the level which today we take for granted as our awareness. That’s written in the Mathematical notations as 40,000,000,000,000,000,000 years, or as, (4 x 10 to the nineteenth power), years. It is somewhat painful to call to mind the popular formulations of modern cosmologists, who have postulated the age of the Universe as approximately 15 billion years ! The age of the local Radiance that we call our Sun dwarfs this “scientific estimate” to a degree of absurdity. This clump of warm matter we call our planetary home is some 120 billion years old; our star some 200 billion; our galaxy (not an old one by universal standards), is some one trillion, nine hundred – eighty billion years of age, and the Universe we live in has already known some 96 trillion years of experience : (96,000,000,000,000 years). Thus, modern material science is in error from the actual age of the Universe by a degree of six thousand four hundred magnitudes, or 640,000%!

The duration of the Universal Epoch has been quite stable, with a few exceptions : approximately one hundred twelve unusually long or short cycles, Universal Epochs, (or “kalpas”, as the Hindus refer to them). But it appears as though an unprecedented leap in life – expectancy may be contingent with the attainment of the stable trinitization referred to above. Analogously, the transit from the “ Da ” Universe to the “ Da – La ” Universe corresponded with a jump in life – expectancy, or the length of the normal Universal Epoch, from 40 trillion, to 100 trillion years ! It is probable that there is no mind in existence anywhere which can accurately predict the exact amount of the incipient leap in universal life – expectancy to be realistically anticipated for the “Da - La – Ta” Universe, the Mature Trinitary Universe. Indeed, some of the factors, which will contribute to this development through the interaction with our evolving free wills in the future, cannot even be conceived at the present time.

But, certainly the most fascinating possibility derived from this exhorbitantly profuse field of potential, is the explicit potential for the literal transcendence of death at the Universal level. Simply to imagine the complete obviation of entropy is a titanic challenge to the imagination. Even when relative states of perfection were achieved in existential universes, there was the expectation of apathy arising just from the repetitiveness of the situations and activities of living, and apathy brings about entropy. Perfect as they have been in the past, Utopias, after millions or billions or trillions of years of repetition, have tended to become uninspiringly monotonous. The exciting news is that the reasons for the monotony, and for a higher level of inspired anticipation are now being understood. Life Systems lost energy in the past due to repetition because the instrument of Creativity had not yet fully ripened. Mature Creative Intellection consists in our dynamic conceptualization of increasingly potent experiential futures, for our species, and for the Life Matrix as a whole. Through careful contemplation of the patterns of previous cycles we are presently able to rationally foresee the onset of the monotony that robs the Soul of the conscious Culture of it’s sense of Vitality, of Inspiration. Once the insipid suspicion has arisen, that our life has become too repetitive, too predictable, to serve as the vessel for sincere, ardent Love, it may be too late to concieve of the infusion of the true zeal that our Souls need to feel in order to continue believing in Our Purpose for Living. The tendency has naturally been to try to “go back to the Source” of Inspiration, which automatically reaffirms, and thickens, our dilemma, of having lost touch, with the assumption that the Source of the Inspiration from the Eternal, Universal Spirit is not available within the Real Space and Time of It’s Infinite Truth, the Here and Now. Hence, once the entropy germinated by apathy is recognized, it is generally already too late for the given civilization to resuscitate it’s Passion for Living. However, by formulating the rational anticipation of apathy into a cultural reflex, even a psycho – physical reflex, we can initiate a higher order of cultural re – envigoration by projecting forward, into the flux of time, conscientiously, during the times of great Cultrual and Spiritual Inspiration, Quintessential Images from the experiential crux of Revelation in the lives of our most Gifted individuals to intersect with the evolutionary flow of our civliization at the points where we can rationally anticipate in the present, a tendency toward descent into monotony or apathy. Generated at the archetypal level, these numinous images can be directed precisely to manifest to the minds of our devout and diligent descendents, the most conscientious mentalities of their times, millenia, ages, even aeons in the future, when, perhaps, the inspired reasons for having directed their evolution along the ways upon which they find themselves have been dimmed to the point of obscurity by the stupendous procession of Life, or by the rigors of It’s repetitiveness. Thus, we can share now of the Glories of our Ecstacies, with the Times of Human Experience which might benefit from their Grace with truly immeasurable levels of Grateful Inspiration.

The Identity functions represented by the two preceding phases of being, the “Da”, and the “La”, were of the instinctive, or practical mind, and the emotional, or aesthetic minds, respectively. These are phases of the Universal evolution of the Intellectual Function, therefore, it is self - evident that the completion of the third phase, the ripening of the objective view of the Intellect Itself, within the Intellectual Species, is the Crowning or the Definitive Phase. It is the one that will demonstrate the accelerative potential of the Creative Free Will in the Universal Theater of causation, as it has demonstrated so decisively the leverage afforded by Intellect in the theater of competitive biological evolution. Extrapolating the Creative Principle of Awareness in the Unitive Dimension of the Universal Field is revealing the distinctly comprehensible and actual possibility of The Death of Death.

It is this unprecedented quantum leap in the accelerative potential of the Creative Free Will that holds the promise of Transcendence over Death. We believe that we can overcome mortal inertia if, instead of clutching the pattern of our cultural matrix with a misguidedly zealous loyalty, we will have trained ourselves not only to expect change within our cultural pattern, but to love, and participate actively with the inevitable processes of transformation. Once we have made the transition to joyful immersion within the process of change, we can take the responsibility for the generation of the patterns of change themselves, being meticulous to produce only those which correspond with continual growth in the experiential potentials of both our physical and our mental dimensions as a species, and the correlative potentials of the Life Matrix that sustains us, as well.

The problem of Evil, which is based upon the tradition of death, is finally resolved at this stage. Although experientially indisputable, Evil has been objectively recognized as quintessentially insubstantial ; of the nature of profound misunderstanding, or temporary delusion. It is the inevitable accessory to the “Da”-“La” phase of Universal evolution, since the stage of the “two” carries with it the inevitable paradox of division within the Unified Principle, and the inevitably unsatisfactory subjectivity of the two isolated points joined only by the straight line. Each of these Identity Principles is perfect, so which of them, they contended, the first, or the highest, “Da”, or “La”, Fa or Ma, should serve as the primary locus for the authority of Deity ? The product of the friction generated at the conflict interface between these Essential Principles is what has come to be known as “Evil”. This conflict correlates with the anguish of communicational problems traditionally generated during the “awkward stage” of the evolution of the normal human being, or adolescence. Both parties are righteous, that is to say, have the right to rule : not to be the only Ruler, but to have a significantly determining say in their own rulership. And the right of rulership is traditionally associated with the authority of the ONE, but becomes complicated by the problem of pain. The appearance of something neither of the Fundamental Identities wants has always forced the issue of responsibility. Which of the Primary Pair of Identity Functions should take primary responsibility for the appearance and growth of the infernal, the corrupting, pain ? The breakdown in mutual Faith between the Personalisations of Eternity and Universality, Fa and Ma, which has always ensued at this stage of Universal evolution, has always eventuated the mutual negation which has brought about the entropy of each and every previous Universe. Once the deterioration begins, the legitimacy of the first two Perspectives within the Universal Identity Process is not clearly perceptible or expressible again until the advent of the third Identity Function, the “Ta”, whose fresh Perspective can serve to appreciate the value of the first two, and to moderate, and justify one to the other. Thus, the concept of “Salvation”, or “Spiritual Renewal”, is itself renewed, with an especially salient significance, in the Universal Theater of causation. And thus, change is instituted at the level of a Universal Field – Effect Transformation, with the Realization that the Father Principle, or Mind, and the Mother Principle, or Body, are Co – Creative Equal Representatives of the Authority of the One, and that their Unity is the more legitimate Center of Authority, than either of their separate Perspectives. The One which is Unity is the Legitimate One ; the “One” which is derived from “either this One or that One” is clearly not the true ONE. This expression of the Ta takes the form of a Spiritual Science which explores and celebrates the loving interface between the Radiant and the Receptive Principles. At first, these expressions may be regarded as mere pleasantries, but with the progress of Science and Culture, the “Spiritual” contemplations of the Mystic become recognized as congruent with the precise observations of Empirical Science. And, as the “Ta” ripens to Maturity, the once abstract spiritual ideals become specifically correlated with concrete patterns of personal, interpersonal, and cultural behavior that can be conceived, formulated, and achieved materially.

On the plane of cultural authority structures, the concept of the complementary importance of the three distinct perspectives within the Universal Identity Process gives rise to the progression toward representative democracies, from the tradition of patriarchal or matriarchal monarchies, and similar personal authority – based forms of government. The emphasis shifts from the notion of embodying, or possesing authority, to the idea of expressing the authority of the One, which stands within, yet Shines transcendent of each and all. This is the most legitimate rational relation to the power of the Infinite Source yet conceived. Properly understood, and actively integrated, this pattern sublimates the notion of evil into a subjectivity – based interim phenomenon. Fa, the “Da”, and Ma, the “La”, had each nobly defended a function of the Universal Identity Principle as if it were The One, when, in fact, each of the Identity Functions, the “Da”, the “La”, and the “Ta”, is an equally legitimate expression of the Manifest ONE, properly understood as a Functionally Co – Ordinated Trinitary Unity.

The Purpose for Creation has been clearly revealed in It’s service to The Supreme Being, the Spirit Love, as providing the Vessel for the Self – Appreciation of the Infinite. Through Experience in Time and Space, the Spirit Enjoys Definitive Parameters that Magnify and Specify the Glories of It’s Infinite Nature, Love.

Analogous to the worship of the Supreme as the ONE is the idealization of the Sphere as the Perfect Form or the Perfect Space conceivable within this Time – Space Matrix. The Idealization of the Sphere is the natural outgrowth of the concept of “point” as the self – evident concept of “one” at the primal foundation of Being. Sphere is Mega – Point, or Meta – Point : the total expansion of the concept of perfect center. And “point”, as we have carefully explained, is one of the definitively non – real, or totally theoretical, intellectual constructs (“the fundamental phenomenon itself must be thought of as having extension, not merely as a point, but as having a beginning, a middle, and an end”). There is a poignant irony in the observation that, although sphere is an expansion of a totally non - existential concept, it does provide the theoretical and mathematical foundation for successive dynamic concepts of perfection, the torus being the most prominent among them, which will lead not only the theoretical realms of the creative intellect toward new and richer conceptions, but will also lead the existential conceptuality itself toward more stable and more satisfying structures for the celestial identity units , our Galaxies, themselves. It is well then, to remember that our predecessors in the realm of thought, the philosophers, mathematicians, and theoreticians of the “Da”, and the “Da – La” Universes, labored long and faithfully to bring forth the cognitive tools that have carried our rational processes to the place where we now stand : able to affirm Intellect as an integrated Identity function of the Universal Process of Being.

So the mega – point, or meta – point, or Sphere, is intrinsically perfect. But the Sphere is such a self – evidently complete conception of perfection that it obviates the respectability of the concept of communication, or of evolution. And the virtuousness of communication is innate to the relative nature of the existential field. Therefore the Sphere’s correlation with the Perfect Creation can mathematically occillate with It’s correlation with total Isolation, or Negation of Being, or Annihilation. It represents the Perfect Everything and the Perfect Nothing with equal facility. The Sphere may be the Perfect representation of the “Too Good to Be True” or the “Too Spiritual to Be Good” perspectives. It may be finally assigned definitive signifigance as the theoretical representation of the Pre – Existent Spirit, the symbol, for the relative Mind, of the Unmanifest One.

Thus, can it serve as the image for the Dynamic Perfection of evolutionary beingness, the symbol of Perfection in the dimension that is directly pertainent to us, or is It’s Transcendent Perfection so intrinsically unapproachable, so aloof, even monadic, that It’s viability as a template for living must be seriously challenged ? Given that the Time/Space Universe came into being to generate relative perspectivity for the One, is the Sphere dynamic enough to represent Existential Perfection ? Reviewing the bountiful evidence, we have to conclude that the monadic Sphere is a simple spatial solipicsm the innate structure of which is adequate to describe only the most Primal Level of Reality.

For the Sphere, the potential for dynamism consists solely in the expansion/contraction of the surface area around It’s immobile, unchangeable center. This, for existential beings, can only represent a subjective, intuitive apppreciation for the objective Truth, through awareness of the differentness of the various circumferences, while consciously affirming the legitimacy of the One Identity centering all perspectives. If the Creation cannot simultaneously manifest both real multiplicity and real perfection, it fulfills only inadequqtely It’s Purpose. For the Creation to serve as a Perfect Vessel for the experience of Spirit within the relativity of mind and matter, the viability of both a multiplicity of centers, or minds, and a multiplicity of fields, or bodies is essential. Hence our postulation of the Torus as the evolution of the Sphere, is a precise parallel to the progress of self - concept from the level of the “Da” (One is Supreme), through the level of the ”La” (Self and Other is the Supreme, Love), to the level of the “Ta” (The Conjoining of All Lovers in the Unity of the ONE, is the Supreme, Love.)

Just as the Perfect “Ta” stage of Universal Identity includes within it, and could not exist without, the Perfect “Da” stage and the Perfect “La” stage, (constituent mental levels to It’s own Intellectual Comprehensiveness), the spatial Perfection of the Toroidial Realities encompasses the Perfection of the Sphere as the Primal constituent of It’s own gratifying Inclusiveness. Calculate this : if the Sphere is the Prmal unit of Perfection, how much more glorious must be the Perfection of the Pure Form which suggests a relatively infinite number of Spheres within the Flowing yet Definitive structure of It’s Own Perfect Space ? The precise analogy to this spatial quantum leap within the experiential planes of the Universe is displayed in the awe - inspiring leap in the Universal Life – Expectancy observed in the transition from the purely “Da” to the “Da” – “La” Universes : a leap from forty trillion to one hundred trillion years, as previously referred to. The analogy continues : just as “Da” corresponds with the Sphere, inviolably Impenetrable, the “La” corresponds with the Torus, characterized by it’s totally Vacuous center : the Primal Fa and the Primal Ma, respectively. And, consistently with the pattern of alternation of charge or valence that corresponds with every stable molecular structure, the next ramification, the “Ta”, recapitulates the Fa polarity with the fullness that is constituted of the Plenum of Light, experienced as the indestructibility of Eternal Truth, transcendently centering, guiding, and filling all space and matter in the Dimension of Pure Energy, and manifesting most concretly in the particulate realm as the phenomenon of axial spin, from the atomic to the universal levels. We believe that this third level will correlate spatially with the structure of a toroidial tube or tower, essentially straight, interacting penetratively, basically, with the pre – existing torouses, and perhaps with the interlinked rings, or mutually interpenetrating toruses.