On Population Control :
We Joyfully Succeed or We Tragically Fail


Life is the One Infinite Power, the One Eternal Truth, the One Universal Reality. Life is Will Itself. Life is Power Itself. Everything that opposes the Universal and Eternal Dynamism of Life will inevitably fail. And everything that expresses Lifeís Infinite Creative Force will certainly succeed and continue to progress.

Sexual Energy is the Vital Force of Life which animates the life of every higher animal and plant, and every human being. The Way of the Creative Force of Life must flow through our sexual energy toward the natural fulfillment of Itís own Self - Appreciating Ecstacy, or Itís frustration will certainly warp the individual being, physically and mentally, with correlatively frustrating and damaging effects upon the health, efficiency, and happiness of the civilized culture of which the human is a part.

Given that there is an imperative requirement for humanity to realize self control in the realm of population, our approach toward this challenge should reflect a respectful, even reverential attitude toward the Vital Force expressing as the Sexual Energy which is the primary initiator within this situation. While appreciating that the Vitality propelling this situation is the Will of Life Itself within us, we must recognize that the crucial choice of the specific modalities of Its manifestation rests with our own uniquely Human intelligent free will.

Indeed, our appreciation for the Vital Principle energizing our lives must progress to the levels beyond its most ancient function as the biological magnetism and mechanism ensuring the material continuation of our species. We then will recognize, even with a sense of elation, or liberation, that our Sexual Energy, the fundamental Identity of our own Vitality, has meanings and modalities of expression which extend intimately not only into the realms of our emotional - social experience, but extend even into the regions of our aesthetic mind, as well as into our Ideals, our rational/scientific realms, and the most abstract and aethereal realms of awareness.

Therefore, the urgent necessity of our times requires the shift of the focus of our speciesí vital/sexual potency from habitual or even obsessive fixation upon the reproductive archetype of intimacy, toward those intimacies whose finer Creative Productions increase Humanityís appreciation for the Beauty, Sensitivity, and Intelligence of Life. Thus, rather than simply increasing the massiveness of our species, with the production of greater numbers of material beings, we must committedly choose to celebrate those intimacies whose effect is qualitative, rather than quantitative upon Humanity, and upon our Planet.

This shift will require an educative process to liberalize cultural attitudes toward the oral archetypes of heterosexual intimacy which stimulate the aesthetic, and toward the heterosexual anal intimacy, which stimulates appreciation for the rational/ scientific dimensions.