The Swift and Simple Way of Wellness


Life, vast though indeed it is, can be accurately appreciated as essentially simple. Given that Life is the biological level of manifestation of the great Energy-Matter Continuum described by the elegant and eloquent formulation of Albert Einstein, (E=MC2, M=E/C2), we understand that Life is just two principles, Father, and Mother, the Radiant, and the Receptive, joined by their co-creative interaction or flux. Since well-being is the measure of the quality and quantity of vital force, or life essence, expressing within and through a given life system, we naturally intuit that the “Way of Wellness” ought to be a correspondingly simple matter. And, in fact, it is.

We each are individuations of the great being of Life, which, being universal, is relatively infinite in nature. Since Life is vitality Itself, and well-being is the measure of vitality or Life Essence within the individual, it is clear that wellness is a direct function of the relationship of the given individual life system to Life Itself. Since Life gives Its vitality through air, water, and food, examination of these interactive portals should, and in fact, does reveal the way beyond all unwellness of body and of mind, to the joyous way of co-creative unity with Life that is rich with each of the many natural fulfillments of physical and cognitive well-being.

The key phrase within the above extraordinarily bold statement is “co-creative unity with Life”. Intuition affirms that because Life is the infinite source of the vitality of each individual life system, the intelligent life system will, of course seek to ensure as complete and profound a mutually gratifying, or co-creative relationship with Life Itself as it possibly can. And it is precisely here that careful analysis reveals that the species with Intellect has, apparently because of the power of traditional and instinctive habit patterns, diverged from the imperative necessity to maintain a relationship with Life Itself which is purely co-creative, gratifying, or mutually beneficial in character. Indeed, it is emphatically at the dietary interface that we find the essential deviance, and also the incursion of the fundamental health vulnerabilities caused by predatory and parasitical anti-life attitudes and behaviors. These have taken root within every level of the human being, because nutritional patterns, being largely habitual and traditional, have remained largely unsuspected and unquestioned since time immemorial.

If Humanity will become a virtual micro-image of the vital principle of Life, and share in Life’s Eternal and Universal Nature, we must transform every anti-Life habit and impulse, and exchange these for the Life-affirming co-creative patterns that correspond, at the most basic level, with the fruitarian-vegetarian dietary pattern. For centuries, the pronouncements of the “kinder diet” advocates were not yet defended by irrefutable empirical data. Fortunately, in the twentieth century, Science has begun to recognize and proclaim the health and strength benefits of the low cholesterol, high fiber nutritional items, and this makes the transition away from the meat-based diet far more timely and socially acceptable, and therefore, more natural for human culture as a whole, as well as far easier for most people.