On Removing the Vortex of Danger that Surrounds
The Experience of Sex in our Culture


Sex is the ground floor of the edifice of Love. It is an irreducible part of the equation of Life. There never has been a creditable debate refuting the value of sex to Life’s Lovers. Sex is to the Body what Divine Revelation is to the Mind. Therefore it is imperative that a positive, understanding, creative attitude be generated and sustained in relation to this most essential dimension of the Life Principle.

The interest in Life that our young people show by seeking out explicit descriptions and demonstrations of the truth about sex is therefore natural, even praiseworthy. They want to know about Life, and sex emanates messages from Life Essence. There is a shame and disgrace associated with all of this. The shame and disgrace is not that our children seek out knowledge of sex from their friends, or in school, or on the internet. The shame and disgrace is that we have allowed that whole imperatively important realm of knowledge to be so outside of intelligent and civil discussion and education, that expressiveness in the realm of sex has become heavily influenced and even characterized by exploitative people with largely greed-motivated ambition.

The Vital Forces of Life are blossoming, burgeoning, in our passionate Youth, and their desire for knowledge about sex is a sincere and soulful craving; an impassioned curiosity. The knowledge that they receive should come directly from the healthiest, most loving, and most enlightened segments of our society. We dare not agonize over the kind of sex-ed our children are finding on the internet, when we have almost completely failed to notice that is is our imperative duty to provide a proper supply of this information. Install filters, internet controls, spyware to monitor your youngster’s travels on the ’net…every kind of electronic security available, and the need for the completion of the picture of the Truth of Life will still be sought out and found by our resourceful young people. And it should be. But it is time that the adult world take stock, and take responsibility for the quality of infromation that our Youth are receiving. This means that our communities, and our churches, and our governments, need to accept much more responsibility to be not the suppressors, but the prime Sources of the precious information about personal interaction with the vital forces of Life.

The suppression of sex is the entire cause of the confusion referred to above: well-meaning, intelligent, well-educated people relegating, in effect, a precious, even a sacred duty to the rabble in the street. The crux of the challenge facing Humanity is this: that there is a logical basis for the suppression of sex. Just as long as humanity delays transition to the nutritional pattern of interaction with Life that is entirely creative and mutually beneficial, sex will continue to be tainted by the innuendo of evil emanating from the remnants of the food that was obtained through destructive interaction with Life. Sex is the Vital Essence of the Body, and as long as the Body contains a resonance within it that affirms destructive sentiments, (“I destroy Life”), there will be a logical basis for the suppresssion of sex. Suppression of sex is the antithesis of sexual freedom. And since sexual freedom is fundamental to the experience of health and vitality in the personal realm, and therefore fundamental to Life itself, and to all freedom, this issue should be elevated to the level of a matter of imperative import to our responsible legislators.

Humanity must cease dragging its feet when the correct choices in the realm of nutrition are concerned. These correct choices are well known among the most well-informed people within every nation upon our planet. Since hesitance in this area is a direct impediment to sexual freedom and to all human freedom, legislative efforts must be initiated immediately to guarantee that the healthy attitude toward life be manifested in the most practical realms of action as well as within our exhalted ideals.

It is no longer acceptable to have a divided attitude toward the Life Principle. An attitude that expresses on one day with pure affirmation of the goodness of the Vital force that made us, and on another day or in another context, condemns the Body’s passion as “filthy lust” expresses an unacceptably contradictory rational attitude toward Life. Soulfully careful research has discovered that the cause of the condemnation is found in the thoughts, feelings and actions directly connected to the slaughter of willful Life for nourishment. The body is pure, good, affirmation of Life, until substances are taken into it that are associated with the destruction of Life. The filthiness that causes us to feel that it is necessary to conceal the Body’s most intimate regions of feeling and action from our young people no longer exists when the Body is nourished on the healthier fruitarian vegetarian dietary pattern.

The Vital passion that is Our Body’s true worship would be humiliated and disgraced again if we were to liberate sex without removing the cause of It’s inner blasphemy. Those who condemned the Body as “the abode of devils”; “the realm of sin”, or “the bag of filth”, would, in relatively short order, seem compellingly justified in their condemnation, bringing on another confusing and humiliating wave of suppression. When the pre-mature impulse toward liberation reached the region of the “I destroy Life” thought-form within the cultural body-mind, with all of its horrifyingly anti-social ramifications. And the worst fears about the darkness within humanity’s deepest nature would return with a prophetically shocking vengeance. Those anti-social ramificatons form the substantial historical justification for the suppression of sex. So are we strong in our resolve to remove the taint from the Body’s precious vital rapture? Are we strong in our resolve to share with our young the healthy and beautiful Truth of the Life Essence that is our sexuality? Then we are strong in our resolve to express fully and completely, with the corresponding empirical verification, the imperative nature of the transition of humanity from the destructive metabolic relationship with Life to the pattern of nutrition corresponding with the mutually gratifying or creative interaction with Our Sustainer. For the sake of human health, for the sake of human freedom, for the sake of human rationality and integrity, we must aspire to do nothing less.