The Essential Goals
For the Progress of Our Planet


Ω Essential Goal: The affirmation of Womankind as essentially and universally innocent, recognizing that Father is the one who bears primary responsibility for leadership, and therefore, primary responsibility for the situation of Humankind;

Ω Essential Goal: The universalization of the pattern of mutually gratifying interaction with Life, (typified by fruitarian – vegetarianism) for nourishment;

Ω Essential Goal: The establishment of English as the universal second language for Humanity;

Ω Essential Goal: The relocation of virtually all industrial and commercial architecture and major transportation corridors into secure subterranean encasements, a minimum of one hundred feet beneath the contiguous bedrock of our planet;

Ω Essential Goal: The deep and thoroughgoing integration of the pattern of industrial automation to relieve Humanity from every dull, dirty, or dangerous task that might be performed by machine;

Ω Essential Goal: The establishment of the pattern of eight full hours of sleep for every normal adult as essential for the proper development of the fullness of both the mental and physical potentials.

Ω Essential Goal: The modulation of human population through the re-awakening and legitimization of the non-reproductive modes of hetero-sexual intimacy;

Ω Essential Goal: The legitimization and legalization of the “healthy highs” while a rich stream of scientific, culturally soulful persuasion diverts humanity’s habitual focus away from the physically and socially damaging addictive substances;

Ω Essential Goal: The re-definition of same-sex friendships to approve intimacies that may include one life upon another in relationships between two or more gay women, and one life beside another in relationships between two or more gay men;

Ω Essential Goal: The unification of standards of measurement, systems of scientific nomenclature, and standards of currency, including adjustment of the modern calendar to affirm Winter Solstice as the correct time for the celebration of The New Year;

Ω Essential Goal: The re-designation of the valence within the Atom to reflect the correspondence of the electronic field surrounding the nucleus with the Radiant portion of the Energy - Matter Continuum, ("positive"), and the correspondence of the massive nuclear center with the gravitationally attractive or Receptive portion of the Energy - Matter Continuum, ("negative").

Ω Essential Goal: The efficient recycling of 100% of all of the technologically produced materials through the design and deployment of automated subterranean trash transformation facilities;

Ω Essential Goal: The augmentation of the fertility of our Planet through the accomplishment of 100% composting of the human and domestic animal bio-emissions, in combination with agricultural waste, and food waste, as well as municipal and residential vegetative waste collection;

Ω Essential Goal: The education of the populace to re-awaken a vibrant sense of intimacy with Nature, to celebrate the physical fitness, simplicity, healthfulness, and joyfulness contingent with closeness to the Creative Identity within, and throughout the natural processes of Life, and to inspire simple, clear appreciation for the essential aspects of human technological mastery;

Ω Essential Goal: The transformation, through an educative process, of the concept of the body as a massive particle subject to the laws described by Newton, to the concept of the body as a function of Energy, manifesting within the biological dimension of expression, but subject to the creative laws of Mind that direct forces in the “wave” or Energy dimension of manifestation;

Ω Essential Goal: The formal and continually renewed recognition of Truth as the orienting center of the core principle of identity within the Intellectual Species, with the vow to pursue the unfoldment of the corresponding existence on the individual, interpersonal, and cultural levels;

Ω Essential Goal: The establishment of an enlightened process for the cultivation of self and Life knowledge as an emphatic augmentation to the normal and formal cultural educational experience. This process is conceived to ensure that the course of identity development of every individual includes the intimate and progressive incremental revelation of the creative principle of Identity within each person and within Life. The regular re-formulation of identity principle should begin with pre-school, and continue on through High School and College, specialized training programs, and every level of post-graduate and post-doctoral accomplishment. Certification of the attainment of each level of self and Life knowledge is recognized only upon a definitive expression from the individual, illuminating the meaning of their expression to themselves and for the Culture as a whole, as well as in relation to Life Itself. Such examination is to be repeated throughout life at each crucial phase of transition from one level to the next.