The Transformation of the Science of Health
Corresponding with the Transition from the Material
to the Energetic Dimensions of Identity


The concept of the vessel of individuality is at the incipient stages of a transformation as fundamental as the transformation of ice into water, or water into steam. It is a quantum leap as revolutionary as the transition from grunts and howls to the articulation of shared languages. As our species has evolved, the sense of self naturally transits from denser, more material concepts toward finer more energetic concepts as the understanding of Reality evolves from the perception of immediate causes to the perception of great inter-related fields of causation. Hence the concept of view evolves from the instinctive view of the individual mind peering from it’s eye sockets, to the shared perspective, of seeing with one’s entire culture, formulating, through science, simulations of Reality which come closer and closer to approximating the Objective dimension of the Truth. The visionaries at this stage report that society is becoming more and more liberated from the identification with the material body of the individual, and increasingly aware of selfhood within the Unity of all beings. The shared Ideals of civilisation, and the empirically recognized Universal Laws of Science gradually constitute a collective core of certainty which serves as the core identity, and gives the individual a far greater sense of mastery and depth of confidence in the understanding of Reality than was conceivable at the phases of identity that were based primarily upon personal experience.

As our minds tend to dwell more in realms of tangible unity, and our experience of ourselves moves away from the particle dimension, (of the personal body), and toward the unified wave dimension of oneness with our culture and with Truth itself, our concept of the universe evolves away from the mechanistic models of medieval physics and toward the transactional, field-based, relativistic paradigms of modern physics. We challenge you to consider this : should the physician, the medical doctor, be manipulating the body according to views drawn from the mechanistic concept of the universe? We maintain that the healer should be at the forefront of the unified social mind, making well our suffering persons through skillful creative influence at the Energy - field level of Identity.

So our Identity concept is progressing up the Energy – Matter continuum from its animal foundation, towards the radiant heights, and with it, our concept of the body is evolving from that of a material system which is a function of the Laws of Mechanics, to that of an energy – matter flux which is a function as much of the laws of mind as it is of the laws of matter. Now, although change has progressed along this vector by incremental degrees over centuries of medical experience, it has only recently become a matter of imperative responsibility to shift the fundamental approach of the healer from the gross mechanism concept of the individual life system, to the conscious energy – field concept of the individual life system. Whenever fundamental change is involved, recognition of the crucial moment of transition is essential. And with the formulation of the Energy – Mass Conservation Equation, (E=MC˛), the correspondence of any and every material system with the dimension of pure Energy, or Light, has become an item of accepted empirical principle at the highest levels of rational organisation within our culture. The dimension of pure Energy has thus become a functioning part of our shared cultural Intelligence already. Integrated understanding of the Law of Conservation of Energy and Mass links the virtual Identity function, (energy, light, or mind), of the Intellectual species, with the universal unity function in the impersonal dimension of Light. And it is absolutely essential that this pivotal concept should be integrated into the consciously creative psycho – social dimension of our lives. Should we fail to incorporate this highest attainment of intellectual synthesis, this synergistic jewel, into the highest level of our cultural identity, the immense power, which naturally corresponds with the realisation of this level of unity, could devastate the civilized order. If we should allow the emotional or instinctive planes to sub – consciously seek out the awe – inspiring ramifications of this power amongst the sub – atomic and inter – galactic dimensions of its significance which are discontinous with the ethos of the cultural union, cataclysmic results for the personal and social realms would be impossible to avert. Therefore, we are not examining a viable set of options here : there really is only one correct choice that an intelligent society can make. We must choose to explore the potentials of the Infinite Energy and Energy Identity responsibly, within our own conscious Identity Process, Life, individual and cultural, and deflect mankind’s obsessive fascinations with using the Power dissociatively, for controlling systems as if they were outside that fundamental Identity Process of Life, of which all beings are a part.

The Body is, in Truth, a micro – self of the Great Being of Life, a bio – electric miniature of the great electro – magnetic macro – realities, the Planet, the Galaxy, and the Universal Energy – Matter continuum Itself. And at the level of pure Physics, the Mind is of an Identity function with the same dynamic flux of Energy – Matter as is the Body. Hence the Mathematically verifiable viability of the idea of rectifying physical problems by re – orienting, and/or strengthening mental currents.

On the simplest experiential level, established Intellect has, perhaps only recently, come to recognize that, after all the chaff has been cleared away, there genuinely does remain enough clean pure grain to give credence to a significant portion of the accounts of “miraculous” or, at least, super – physical cures. This demonstrates that the phenomenon of constructive modification of bio – physical tissue by subtler – than – physical influences is a widely acknowledged phenomenon today. (As witnessed by the First Church of Christ Scientist of Mary Baker Eddy.)

If the hundreds of billions of dollars which are spent yearly upon the search for new drugs, new surgical procedures, new technological medical devices, and upon advertising, legal, and public relations campaigns related to these endeavors were devoted instead to educating professional healers and the general public to the efficacy of healing the whole person through affirming the integrity of the body with the unified field of pure Energy, Humanity’s long awaited freedom from the oppression of disease would soon become reality.

The omnipresence of the influence of the Living Mind is an irrefutable empirical fact. Once we recognize that universality of mental awareness correlates with the observation that Light, pure Energy, or Mind, is omnipresent, even within Matter, (via [E=MC˛]), we may then comprehend that even bacteria, fungi, and viruses are encompassed within the intelligent awareness of Life. And thereby much of the terror of disease is de – mystified, because the illusion of the automatonistic microbial realm becomes sublimated into the challenge of understanding the nature of the mind, or minds, we are relating with when confronted by disease. And every affliction, from the common cold to ebola virus, cancer to bubonic plague, must be presented with a certain set of conditions, caused by the self, before it can attach itself to the subject. We can therefore trace our susceptibility to any infection to the specific attitudes in mind and corresponding behaviors that constellated the receptivity conditions required to germinate the infection. And if the illness has not already reached advanced stages, this reorienting of attitudes and activities to correspond more closely with the constellations of perfect health may be all that is required for the complete remission of the disease.

Of course, many afflictions arise from causes beneath or beyond the conscious control of the normal individual. Some have their origins in the depths of the family's heritage that brought them forth, as in the case of inherited diseases. Attempting to heal the body of persons in such situations is a vain endeavor unless the levels of causation are addressed that first caused the imperfection in the life energy to occur. Hence, the concept of the person as a unified flux of mind-matter is again encountered. And again the concept of the healer as guide to the re-unification of the individual mind and body with the flux of pure energy-matter comes to the fore. Both the mind and the body are actively engaged in the healing process, at best. The willful entity must take responsibility for their part in constellating the conditions that could germinate the disease, and, if effective healing is to take place, the subject must also achieve firm resolve to transform the disease-germinating patterns as quickly and efficiently as possible. The restorative energy field may then be willed into effectiveness by the healer or the healing team, in the good faith in their neighbor's resolve to re-join the community of the healthy. The confidence of the healing field, composed of the personal wills of the physicians involved, as well as the coherent energy body of the community they represent, is as large a factor in the restoration of perfect health as is the sincerity of the afflicted one to progress their understanding and raise themselves above susceptability to the disease. Healing always occurs as a function of the Unity of the subject with both the human community, and with all of Life.