The Concise Contemplations Upon Eternal Truth


The Pre-Existence, Infinite Potentiality, Surged Forth into Actuality Because One Latency was So Rich with the Promise of Perfection, that Existence Itself Came Forth into Being in order that the Goodness of Its Reality, the Reality of Love, Could Be Experienced.

Love is Manifested as the Co-Creative Communion
of Radiant Father and Receptive Mother.

From Their Primordial Identities, Time and Space, The Supreme Creator, Love,
Spins the Infinite Matrix of Reality.

Fa is Eternal Energy, Ma is Universal Matter-Space.

Their Union Created and Maintains every Atom, every Cell, every Individual Body, every Species, every Planet, every Galaxy, and every Universe . . .
(there have been many Universes).

The Union of the Eternally Radiant Fa, and the Universally Receptive Ma,
is the Infinite Being made Manifest, Life Itself.

Life Iself is the Source and the Standard of All Value, All Goodness Made Tangible.

Love is the Quintessential Experience: It is Lifeís Own Self-Appreciation; the Reunion
of the Individual with the Primordial and Transcendent Creative Fusion.

Love is the Experience that Fulfills the Purpose of Existence.

The Identity of every Individual subsists within the Flux of Living Energy-Matter
Co-Creatively flowing between the Spark of Eternal Energy within their Uttermost Mind, and the Piece of Universal Matter constituting their Uttermost Body.

That Pure Mind-Body Flux is the Soul Identity.

Real Soul Principle abides within every Human Being, however humble, and even abides within every other Animal, Plant, Life Matrix, and Celestial Body within this and every Universe, sustained by the Flux of Love between Fa Eternal and Ma Universal.

As Fatherís True Being is the Light Eternal, Pure Energy, His Contribution to the Unity of Being is Mind, the Cognitive Component of Experience.

As Motherís Real Being is the Matter-Space Universal, Her Contribution to the Unity of Being is Body, the Sensual Component of Experience.

Father Enjoys Sensation only by Virtue of the Generosity of Mother, and Mother Enjoys the Knowingness of Intellect only by Virtue of the Generosity of Father.

The Eternal-Universal Creative Identity Principles are thus Intimately Interdependent, even to the extent of being Co-Creative, in the Infinite Ecstacy
of their Pure Eternal-Universal Union.

The Self-Inspired Human, in their Pure Center of Being, Aspires to Constant Union with the Co-Creative Ecstacy of the Transcendent and Primal Principles,
Eternal Fa and Universal Ma, in the Infinite Flame of Life Itself.

If every Creative Effort, Intellectual, Emotional - Social, and Physical - Sensual, is Focused Toward The Aspiration for Realization of Identity with the Flame of Life, the Individual has the Perfect Existence, in both Beingness and Becomingness.

The Ultimate Existential State is the State in which Every Being Everywhere is Enjoying Simultaneously the Supreme Fulfillment of Pure Knowledge-Ecstacy, and Enjoying that Everyone is Enjoying, as well.

It is the Duty of every Living Being to Contemplate, even Celebrate, even Communicate, the Loving Essence of Existence, as Constantly as Practicable, and with the Full Force
and Creativity of their Intelligent Beingness.

It is the Duty of every Living Being, once Having Discovered the Infinite Joy and Goodness of Love, to make that All - Fulfilling Experience Accessible, Comprehensible, and Viable,
for every Living Being who may presently be in want of it.

It is the Duty of every Knowing Soul to Share the Truth of the Infinite Love of Eternal Father and Universal Mother, as much as One is Able, bearing in mind that Fa and Ma in the personal realm are usually burdened with the biases of a finite existence, and that many brothers and sisters, therefore, deeply need reminder that the real Sources of their Existence are All-Wise, Ever - Loving Fa and Ma, and Intimately Present Everywhere.

Sharing the Real Love in Ordinary Human Interactions, takes the form of Honestly Noticing Everything that is Praiseworthy in each Person, and Giving That Fair Acknowledgement.

Sharing the Real Love in Ordinary Human Interaction also takes the form of Honestly Acknowledging when the Need arises for Instruction or Guidance, and Giving That,
or, As the Case may be, Receiving That, to the Best of Oneís Ability.

As Life is an Infinite Process, Guided by the Impetus toward Continual Improvement, Perception of Reality and Expression of Truth Will Evolve, Just as Certainly as
the Vessel of Life, the Bodies and Minds of a Given Species, Will Evolve.

The Energy-Matter Continuum is the Quintessential Image of The Universal Archetype of Existence, the Existential Manifestation of the Dynamic Engine of Reality, which upholds the Actuality of every Atom, Molecule, Cell, Individual Body, Species, Life-Matrix, Planet, Star, Galaxy, and Universe Itself.

The Energy-Matter Continuum is represented in Perfect Micro-Image by
the Simple Bar or Horseshoe Magnet.

Eternal Father is Truth, the Perfection of the Formless Dimension, Light: Universal Mother is Beauty, the Perfection of the Formful Dimension, Life, and Their Every United Expression Creates Existential Experience for the Infinite, the Good,
in the Continual Self-ReDiscovery of Love.