The Glorious Free and Halloween


“All Hallows Eve” is the olden time name for the celebration we know today as “Halloween”. “Hallowed” means holy or sacred. What would become the modern "Halloween" was held the night before the Christian celebration of “All Saints Day” (“All Hallows” or “Hallowmas”), which was so festive, that it had a place of greater prominence than that of Christmas in the first five centuries A.D. of Christianity until persecutions were begun in earnest at the onset of medieval period, around 1100 A.D.. Among the early Christians, Jesus was revered, even venerated as the Living Presence of God within "The Body of Christ", or the unity of the true believers of Christianity. This continual veneration precluded the segregation of his birthday as special, since He was the focus of the worship of The Sacred Way day-to–day, every day. The local "patron saints" were considered lesser functions of the manifestation of The Sacred, hence their feast days were highlighted as opportunities to renew inspiration as to the real effectiveness of Christ within the everyday lives of normal people. And All Saints Day, was the ongoing contemporary testament that the regular people could see shining lights within their own villages and cities to remind them that actually living the Christ was an approachable, humanly practicable inspiration. In anticipation of the very special day when all the patron saints of all the villages and towns across Europe would be celebrated in unison, Halloween emerged not as a celebration, but as an exorcism of all the distracting and destructive influences that might detract from the jubilant celebration of the saints on the day to follow. The evil spirits were mocked and cursed to depart on All Hallows Eve, and then with clean spirit, the many European Villages who cherished dearly their “patron Saints” would approach the collective celebration of the Saints with passionate fervor.

In fact, most of these celebrations enjoyed nudity as part of the veneration of their local saints, because their “home towns” knew the living truths of these zealous Lights of Love. Their personal lives were spangled with escapades of naked love in the majority of instances, some of which included trials before the magistrates of their times in which the purity of their motives had to be irrefutably defended, before their holiness could be declared. Their descendents, in their home villages especially, and the successive generations of their families and friends, loved to remember well what loving and neighborly persons their saintly patrons and patronesses were. So much so, in fact, that the Roman Catholic Church was afraid the populaces of many of these villages were coming to deify their saints and place them above the Authority of Rome and The Church. Hence they began the Inquisition, persecuting the very zealots and their followers whom they had for centuries encouraged, with the resulting horror opening the way to the diabolical debacle of Black Plague, which slashed the population of Europe by more than half, and killed more inquisitors than zealots, but after which, nothing of the genuine fervor for All Saints Day was left. Today in the USA, and most of the World it is an almost lifeless shell compared with the jubilant celebrations, spiced with songs and dances that were passionate with nudity and love, from which it came. We are told that one in six or so of these European villages continue with zealous nude celebrations on All Saints Day, to this day, however these, not surprisingly, are presently enjoyed mostly in secret.

However the preparatory celebration, "All Hallows Eve", or "Halloween" oddly does persist, in the USA and elsewhere, today perversely warped into an unhealthy "celebration" of fascination with specters, ghouls, demons, and such. Instead of being the opportunity to banish the effective presences of such negative entities from our lives, this foolish flirtation with realms of the un-restful dead results in many unnecessary injuries and deaths every year. A brush with these innately dangerous realms of mind and behavior was justifiable in the light of anticipation for the purging exaltations of the Pure Souls the Saints on the day following. But without this Spirit charged catharsis, the negative effect within society of fascination upon destructive entities is a mathematical certainty, and one which modern cultures which struggle with crime statistics and morality issues should certainly avoid. Thus, Halloween is the most degenerate excuse for a holiday to be seen within our contemporary civilization. When we think about it, why would an intelligent, healthy species enjoy a celebration that is all about finding ways to disguise and conceal the beauty and natural perfection of our bodies with costumes (‘ka’s tombs’) that often emphasize the ugly and grotesque? It was a different story when this was being done by way of preparing these bodies and minds to be liberated from concealment and celebrated in the presence of Heaven and the Saints. There is nothing “hallowed” about the “Halloween” of today, so long as the evocation of demons and ghouls is separated from its purpose as a purging purification, preparatory to the adoration of the Spirit of Love with “The Glorious Free” on All Saints Day.