The Light of the Doctrine of Love


The Trinitary Transactional Flux consisting of Radiant Father, Receptive Mother, and their Relational Spirit, Love, is described in Physics by the Formula [(E=MC²) or (M=E/C²)] and by the essential Biological concept “Mutualistic Symbiosis”, as well as the psychological terms “co-creative interaction”, or “mutually beneficial transaction”,
or “creative co-operation”.

This Co - Creative Flux of Love is the Universal Archetype of Existence: The Quintessential Law of Life.

Therefore, The Innate Perfection of Love is the First Cause, the Objective Criterion, the Center, the Purpose, and the Fulfillment of all Existence.

Therefore, All Reality is Alive, and all Transmutations are Intentional, Self-Evolving Life toward the More Perfect Expression and Experience of Love.

Therefore, In Reality, there is No Exclusion, No Destruction, No Death, because All Energy - Matter Transactions are Conserved Transmutations of the Living Unified Field.

Therefore, All Causations must be Accounted Conserved within One’s Own Living Field of Existence.

Therefore, Give to Everything According to It’s Own Kind, and Trust that there is a Perfect Place and a Perfect Time for Everything, because Everything is Love.

Love is the Truest Self of Life, and the Truest Identity of Every Individual Being, because Love is the Absolute Truth, the Eternal and Universal Principle, Spirit Itself.

Love is most Fundamentally Embodied by the Nutritional Pattern of Mutually Gratifying Transaction with Our Sustaining Life Matrix. The Seeds, Fruits, and Nuts, of the Grasses, the Vine, and the Trees are Included, also Milk, Nectar, and the other Substances Produced within the Pattern of Mutually Profitable Interaction with Nature.

Therefore, Love is the Principle, the Practicality, and the Process of Perfection.

Therefore, Live the Light of Truth! …Live Love!