The Practical Definition of the Soul,
Accompanied by Fundamental Ethical Observations
Elicited by the Rational Perception of the Dimension of Soul


The concept “Soul” is one of the most essential concepts in existence. It refers to the interface region between the Unified Dimension of Life and the experiential realm of created beings. As such, it serves as the Source of the Meaning, Inspiration and Guidance that contribute continually to the rational foundations of order within all of our lives. We say that, with reference to the realm of created individuals, the practical description of the Soul is simply the identity principle of the given entity conjoining the levels where their mind interfaces with the Eternal Mind and their body interfaces with the Universal Body. Further on, we will examine the substantial essence of this axial interface. Of course, the practical definition of the principle known as Soul with reference to the Life of All (also referred to as the Collective Soul) is the totality of all the above mentioned Eternal Mind-Universal Body conjunctions, appreciated in its aspect as an organic unity, encompassing all individual souls in every Universe, past, present and future, in its relational transaction with the Unified Dimension of the Source.

The entire experience of the Life Principle evolving through all Universes and all planes of manifestation is the Actual Substance of the Existence of the One Supreme Spirit in the realm of Time and Space. This Celestially Immense Body of Experience constitutes the Shared Legacy of every Soul. Within It, every Monumental Achievement for the Supreme Spirit of Life became a reference point for all individual Souls : the first Universe to achieve Atom ; the first Universe to achieve Cell ; the first Universe to achieve the Worm ; the first Universe to achieve the Fish ; the first Universe to achieve the Reptile ; the first Universe to achieve the Bird ; the first Universe to achieve the Mammal ; the first Universe to achieve the Human , with language and the reflective mind ; the first Universe to achieve the Realization of the Eternal Mind, and so on, and on… This Relatively Infinite and constantly growing Body of Experience is the Substantial Essence of our own Soul ; the shared Legacy of the Experience of all Time and all Space. In fact, the Path traced back through all of Evolution to the Formless Beginning of Existence describes the actual historical itinerary of the Soul - Awareness of Life, the Primordial Essence of our Selves. Thus, the Human Soul, a spark of the Eternal Mind, and a piece of the Universal Body, is a Micro-Image of the Soul of All Existence. And the Soul of All is constituted of the Whole Experience of the Eternal-Universal Being of Life.

The evolution of the constituent and companion species to our own evolution, (the Animals and Plants whose vibrant matrix of being brought forth and has evolved with the appearance of Humanity), represents an almost unfathomably profound and immense field of endeavor in which the principle of our own Identity, the Life Principle, has been striving, and therefore, in all of Its great Complexity and Simplicity, this Primal, as well as Human Realm, is of Great Meaning for the One Supreme Essence, our Source. And It is innately then, of course, also of Great Meaning for ourselves. Realizing and respecting the fact, then, that the Primal dimension of Life is Fundamental and Essential to the Legacy of the Experience of Our Creator, Life Eternal and Universal, we must recognize that respecting Primal Life is Imperatively Essential for the maintenance of proper self-respect and Soul-Respect within our own species as well. Primal Life, Human Life, and Divine Life, co-creatively constitute the essential and complementary continuum of Reality, the experience of the Infinite Soul from which Identity Itself is derived.

And when we clearly see that the emergence of the species with Intellect is in fact, just the Flower, the most recent contribution to the immensely ancient and magnificent Tree of Life that has been developing inexorably in aeonic spurts of Celestial Time, Universal Epoch after Universal Epoch, we realize that we humans have been unspeakably arrogant and presumptuous in assuming authority over the venerably vast and respectable realms and functions of Nature, the Primordial Infinity of Our Soul, and Our Originating Spirit’s Own Evolutionary Experiential Substance.

Thus, the awesome scope of the potential Experience of the Soul encompasses all of the Experience of the Universal Nature, in Co-Creative Union with all of the Experience of the Eternal Intellect. And because the Real Truth of Our Being is this great in scope, True Reverence is the Rational Imperative for our essential relationship with Nature, the Universal Mother dimension of our lives, just as it is for our essential relationship with Eternal Intellect, the exhalted expression of the Father Principle within our lives. For each of Nature's myriad species is an Individuation of the Eternal and Universal Creative Principle, just as we are. And every one incarnates a Soulful Perspective for the Infinite, just as we do.

And each Perfect Species is a participant in the Grace of Perpetual Renewal, granted by the Eternal Universal Life. This manifests as the privilege of their Perfect Re-appearance, Universe after Universe, because their evolution has fulfilled a Perfect Need, and has filled a Perfect Place in the Unfoldment of The Supreme Spirit, Love, the All-Affirming Principle, in the course of It's Superb Manifestation in Time and Space. Thus All Life is Sacred, each element of The Infinite Will expressing a Spark of the Radiance of Eternal Mind, and a Section of the Sensuous Reality of the Universal Body. And as all are at one with the Soulful Unity of Life, true Self-Respect requires Soul-Respect for every other manifestation of the One Being, Life.