Time to Realize, Recognize, and Utilize
The United Nations


It is Time for National Identities to Realize That The Precious Core within Each of Their Centers, Which They Have Proudly Touted and Fiercely Guarded For Centuries and Millennia, through Numberless Generations, Is The Self - Same Creative Principle of Identity Vitalizing the Bodies, the Cultural Hearts, and The Rational Minds Of Every Nation, Race, and Faith Genuinely Possessing Identity. And for That Reason, The Real Nature And Essence Of This Creative Principle Merits the Concerted Focus of The Cultural Whole, Such that the Locus of Human Identity Is Forever Shifted to Abide At The Center of Our True Unity, Planetary at Minimum, Where The Life Essence Brings Forth the “We Are All One” Source of All Self-Awareness, All Good Law, and All Fulfillment. And That Is Why the Most Respectable Qualities, And The Most Respectable Quantums of Cultural Resource Need To Be Channeled to The Only Cultural Instrument Truly Global in Scope Thus Far Conceived by The Modern Cultural Whole: The United Nations.