Uniting the Natural Power of Humanity with the Industrial Juggernaut

Introduction :

It has always been said that the greatest conquest is within. Thus, some of the most formidable obstacles on the path to the perfectly sustained existence are of the cognitive substance, not barbed wire or codified assaults upon our consciences and dignity. Conquering the enemy within may be the shift of focus that empowers the transformation of the expression of the environmental conscience from an only quasi-practical, minimally effective yearning to a massively persuasive rational cultural paradigm that truly brings forth the best of both Humanity and Nature in concert.

The Ancient Buddhas recognized three fundamental errors: greed, envy, and anger. The principal vice damaging Humanity's relation to Nature can be readily recognized as greed. We, who have developed perspective that enables us to appreciate that the present situation needs to be changed, wish we could dissuade the perpetrators of unsustainably destructive interactions with Life from the certainly regrettable course of action to which they have committed themselves and such a sizeable proportion of our Life System’s available resources as well. The camps involved in the struggle are clearly defined. On one side, the industrial barons, and on the other, are the farmers, outdoorsmen, and nature lovers of every kind. The conflict has been sufficiently intense to cause considerable anguish, even injury and death. Hardened by the struggle, it is easy to fall into the trap of believing that the opposition has only greed, ambition, cruelty, and self-seeking goals to suffice for a mind. When we see the opposing force as devoid of rational essence, we begin to formulate strategies around the competitor, and most modern environmental legislation has been formulated investing much or significant trust in this "end run" strategy. Then, when we step back and occasionally contemplate the magnitudes involved in the endeavor, we find we have opened ourselves to a disheartening truth: the opposition is gargantuan! They are a Juggernaut!

The mighty mind of industry today is a dimension of omnipresence. Avoidance strategies can only sully the legitimacy of our expression in their eyes. Recognizing this could cause us to despair, or at best, could cause us to bond preciously close to the brave few of our associates who have had sufficient spiritual substance to endure to this point, and that, certainly, is a valuable thing. But in either case, the hardening of provincial bias within both camps almost certainly occurs: “We are the persons with real humanity in this discussion; the others are out of touch with reality and possess real humanity not!” We, then, have become sequestered and isolated views relegated to the fringe of relevance and importance relative to the mainstream of culture. If we value the centrality and timeliness of the inspiration we share to renew respect for Life, we certainly must not allow ourselves to be polarized into “fringe group” enclaves where the innate potency of our inspiration in the cultural arena may be dissipated by the aura of “strangeness” surrounding our expression. This destructive polarization begins to be reversed with our first acknowledgement of the humanity of the many persons in the other camp who have been pressured by the crushing authority of the industrial juggernaut to the extent of having had to sacrifice the best interest of Life itself for “their own” best interest. In truth, many people we accept as respectable would have had to yield also to the titanic force of the Industrial Juggernaut. It is so easy to condemn based on this “best interest” perspective that we readily see the dilemma.

Many environmentalists, who have faith in the fundamental good, Life itself, have nevertheless brought about their own disempowerment by failing to exercise the requisite measure of understanding to judge the other within the Light of the Unity. The “other” in this situation may be connected with an immensely complex extrapolation of the personal identity principle, such as a mega-corporation, an international bank, a government, or even an unholy alliance between two or three or more of such mega-identities. Yet, because these are guided by human reason, and willed by human will, we are obliged to contemplate their heights and plumb their depths until we achieve parity, or mutually appreciative understanding, with them. Judging by their external actions alone is not any more justifiable when interacting with a corporate or governmental mega-person than it is when interacting with a familiar neighbor. It is important to analyze the influence of the surrounding circumstances. Without appreciating profoundly the other’s point of view, and seeing how it is that their human reason brought them to the points of decision that are in question, we have not that necessary parity, and we have thus relinquished a significant measure of the authority of Justice that is the innate ally to the life-preserving point of view.

One thing should be continually restored to the heart of our mutual exploration and discussion: at the center of the identity constructs of both the Industrial Juggernaut and the lover of Life is passionate appreciation for the vital principle of being. One camp has affirmed this with concern for all living beings; the other camp affirms it with self-seeking ambition, intending to complement the same principle in contrasting ways. Thus, we can, at least, rightfully assume that every identity within the Industrial Juggernaut really wants what is best for their own personal lives. And we additionally know this, or we have not the right to stand up in the name of the environmental viewpoint: that what is best for Life Itself truly includes what is best for each life, down to the personal health and sexuality of each individual. Therefore we urgently need to share the viewpoints that assure great natural benefit also for the life systems dedicated to the progress of industry. This kind of communication energizes and transits the discussion outside the realm of adversarial confrontation.

And those of us who have cultured an abiding respect for the Life Process Itself are, therefore, in a position to express with extraordinary grace, the Truth that guides and fulfills all Life. Every bit we authentically share from that level of understanding concern will be received with some level of respect by the entrepreneurial or industrialist mind who has been prepared in the aforementioned way. We may have to express that bit of ambrosial essence again and again before it attains the unifying result we hope for. But our success is as certain as the correspondence of the principle of Unity we are expressing with the implicit Unity within the Matter-Energy abiding everywhere, as proven mathematically by the formulation of Albert Einstein.

The keys to every system of order abide within the rational principle that keeps order everywhere.If we express from the place that affirms and knows that, indeed, all lives come from the same great Life, then we can be mindful of the fact that a rational essence dwells within the minds and hearts of even the persons most apparently unlike us, those who animate the Industrial Juggernaut. And if we apply ourselves with true zeal, the irresistible beauty and vitality of the Truth of the vision of the intelligently sustained existence will inspire the industrialists also and carry our lifestreams together into a future that is not only healthy and abundant for Nature, but also genuinely fulfilling and progressive for Humanity - even in the technological dimensions.

Transcending Provincial Bias

Talking to Greed as a Friend

Acquisitiveness is an aspect of every normal personality of the human being, both ancient and modern. Humanity is the species endowed with extra-ordinary curiosity, and the intellect capable of satisfying those cravings for knowledge. Having evolved with the ability to modify matter in order to accomplish certain specialized tasks, the tool-using species quickly developed affinities and affections for, and even to some extent, identified with, the tools that helped to subdue the savage wilderness, or navigate the oceans, or build a snug, secure dwelling. The "faith" of Materialism is then a legacy that extends back to the earliest portions of the human history. The modern cities or shopping malls are indeed, temples of the faith in materialism, and the celebration of its worship extends to members of virtually every race and every faith and cultural tradition that humanity calls its own. In simple terms, dads and moms are always proud to be able to maintain a safe and secure home, with plentiful supplies of food and clothing, learning resources at hand to help them teach their children, and with cultural opportunities available to inspire and entertain themselves. Therefore, for most moderns, the productive industrialist has an aspect that is indisputably associated with The Provider archetype: the answerer of prayers, the fulfiller of hopes. and the actualizer of dreams that are anything but immoral, unethical, or un-natural. Therefore, the "Captain of Industry" is a pillar of society, and when industrial pollution arose, it was almost without the notice of both the “Captains” and the great mass of people. Thus, magnates should be expected to feel guilty only about as much as the average person.

We can, once we have noticed that healthier interactions with our Life System are imperative, begin to encourage research and transition towards the more appropriate technologies, but our progress toward this goal will only be slower if we have not the proper attitude toward the entrepreneurial and industrial minds and hearts. Instead of believing in the human Unity, some pained responses to corporate misconduct have spawned extremist reactions that cause the competition-tempered corporate elite to smell blood and gear up for war: “The corporation won’t come out of this intact. The new activists…are no longer protesting against the harms that corporations do; they are protesting against the corporation itself.” (1.) If one chooses to “dance with the Devil” in this way, I perceive that they are precisely as wise as the traveler who chooses to “pull on the tail of the Tiger” to move the beast off the trail. We know the kind of respect that the traveler will get. And such painful clashes with the industrial mega-beings serve to further reinforce the provincial bias (“we have humanity; they don’t”). The nature people truly are out of touch if the mind-set of winning a quantitative conflict with the Industrial Juggernaut is allowed to guide. Our every legitimate hope abides in the Truth that is derived from the eternal laws of Life. If we really expect to achieve our goal of establishing the healthful way upon our Planet, in both the natural and the technological dimensions, then we have to recognize that our inspiration, our refuge, and our strength is the Creative Principle, Life, and its Truth, and that if we express apart from its essential creative nature, we are without resource.

I think, instead of encouraging or even allowing outright conflict, we need to actively and compassionately restrain our neighbors who have been so hurt by the industrial-grade injustices of modern mega-identities and that they have felt impelled toward action. They might enflame the passion of life within themselves and everywhere with a righteous but pitiful lust for vengeance that could indeed topple corporate and governmental mega-identities, but only after causing cataclysmic devastation to the fabric of culture, and even Life itself. What is left after such a display of mindless righteousness is both confusing and disappointing. First of all the good people, animals, and lush plant life one was hoping to protect might have been ravaged to the point of debility: dear species might even have been driven to extinction in the anguish of the struggle. Friends, families who were the beloved sources and sharers of the inspiration, would now have been maimed or killed off, or scattered to a great extent. And the dear environment, after violent struggle at the stage of technical understanding to which humanity has already attained, would undoubtedly be scarred with gross wounds that would make formerly precious or semi-precious places uninhabitable for generations and generations to come. If the Life we endeavor to protect is indeed wise, as well as strong, and beautiful, and good, then the latter course of vengeful reaction to industrial aggression is not the one we must choose.

The cultivation of greed as a virtue arose from natural human desires and cultural needs. Now the brash edge of those natural desires and social ambitions must be sublimated into a more refined passion for progress by a more refined principle of guidance. We must assure the self-seeking heart and mind that we are appreciative of our Unity, and express directly to that. Assert with rational confidence that the fullest potentials for human freedom, pleasure, and fulfillment can only be realized within the context of a planetary society that protects a pristine and bountiful natural Life matrix. In such, an industrial technology is proud to celebrate qualitative material productivity, producing only the stainless alloys of steel, the superbly recyclable plastics, and so on.

The greed-programmed tradition can, in fact, be awakened to celebrate the paradigm of co-creative existence with Mother Nature, but only when we who intend to express as Her defenders recognize Her Person in every person, even the industrialist. We have to give their admittedly materialist goals and motives their due respect from the outset. The industrial-entrepreneurial actions have their foundations in the real needs of humanity for security and plenitude. If the first thing nature-lovers expect from the mighty moderns is an apology, we have failed the interpersonal essence of Truth Itself, in failing to understand and communicate directly to the intelligent essence of the other person. We have also failed our social ideals in failing to recognize the legitimate origin of the other’s position in the spiritual reality of the social Unity. Industry serves. We need to approach the communication just as we would with a relative, or one with whom we grew up, but one in whom has been invested great authority and responsibility. We have, in fact, gone through the evolutionary process together, both anciently and recently, and unless that reality, the reality of mutual appreciation and respect, is elicited and protected, there is no stable basis to serve as the foundation of the communication.

Once a level of mutual respect is established, everything becomes possible: a preservation architecture for our plans that envisions not merely “greenways” meandering through industrial-suburban labyrinths, but a Green Way with aesthetically placed and intelligently designed architectural gems artfully esconced in bio-bountifully splendid settings. We are talking about a genuine reversal of the modern figure-ground concept of normalcy. Instead of misfit chunks of nature-stuff strewn randomly around within a maze of callously self-centered human productivity, we propose a dynamic re-marriage of humanity with Nature, prioritized with Life itself sacred, and Humanity a precious part of Life, thus dramatically re-affirming the reality that the human species is a specialized creative manifestation within the great evolutionary progression of Life. Hence, we may envision vast tracts of lush semi-wild lands, with virtually unnoticeable bounties of low-impact agriculture wending along the human pathways, and just a few sustainably conceived and sturdily built human structures spangled amidst a luxuriant tapestry of green. Below, stretching from a hundred feet beneath the bedrock mantle to one quarter mile in depth, might be anything from layer upon layer of garden townhouses, to richly appointed cavernous-to-cozy super-malls, to vast stainless steel encased wholly self-resolving (i.e. pollution-free) industrial complexes. Serenity and natural abundance will prevail above, whether the surface is enlivened by coniferous northern forests, plush grasslands, desert wildlands, or steamy southern swamps. And commercial / industrial abundance will throb and hum within Humanity’s freshly sculpted and meticulously maintained luminous subterranean enclosures.

Our civilized comfort and modern convenience are not on the table as the trade-off here. Such sacrificial proposals have always been and will always be tossed amid the heaps of romantic but painfully impractical “back-to-nature” musings that are recognizable as deviant by and from the inclusive culture. Contrastingly, this vision actually expresses the all-satisfying synthesis. Every human has genuine need for both pure experience of Nature, and the satisfying sense of intimacy with matter that comes of the fully developed expression of technological principle. Unity with the Source of our lives renews our bodies and re-inspires our minds. Masterful demonstration of our ability to industrially manipulate matter affirms that we are not mere passive expressions of the Eternal-Universal Laws of Life, but comprehending and creative agencies of this same Principle. And that is precisely what the intellectual species was evolved to be: a fully legitimate, though finite, reflection of the one being of Life from which we all have arisen. As such, we provide the focus by which the Life may reflect upon Itself. And when that reflection causes the celebratory approval of the Life Principle, that purpose gives profoundest meaning and fulfillment to the human existence.

Hence, technology, the fruit of the intellectual contemplation of the physical universe, is an irreducible part of the equation that is the human existence. It has only implied a vagrant or miscreant aspect of reality as much as it has turned upon its originator, Life, and humiliated the trust that Life implicitly places in us.

Enticing the Juggernaut to Recognize Its Essence Identity
in the Infinite Creative Power : Life

There is a defining aspect to the modern dilemma polarizing sublimely logical technological prowess with the technologically generated travesties of pollution that equate with toxic dis-order. That defining aspect pertains to a phenomenon that has only recently come to the light of the public mind. The mega-identities in the international sphere have only recently begun to coalesce a shared agreement that the basic trajectory of human culture is genuinely toward progress - potentially unending progress. Previously there was a rancorous sub-current within the collective human will giving more-or-less constant acquiescence to the headlong-toward-disaster trajectory. Many even spoke of the coming of an “Armageddon” catastrophe that would place an emphatically humiliating restraint upon the arrogance of humanity’s brash expressions. Some still speak of a coming humiliation, and some of them with foreboding that it represents “The End” of our species as a living being. Others have felt that it represents a chastising of self-seeking humanity and the inception of a time of re-awakening and inspired self-discipline. In either case, Humanity was a passenger on a runaway jumbo jet, with no one at all in the pilot’s seat. This scenario had created a mind-set of “waiting for disaster“, with some a bit hopeful that something better was coming, and some assuming the future held nothing more than annihilation. In either case, an implicit sense of despair, of finality, suffused through all the planning, all the designs, all the styles and shifts of public mood, with the creative destiny of Humanity undercut by the expectation of inevitable doom. And a fatalistic view of the future inevitably invests a greater proportion of the creative incentive toward immediate gratification of the self and family and less, even much less, in the creative incentive toward the careful cutting and polishing of the legacy gems of culture for the coming generations.

Love for quality was routinely sacrificed under the fatalistic mind-set. Why should one “build for the Ages” when the intuitive life-expectancy extended only a few decades ahead at best? Profoundly researched, protracted endeavors on behalf of a perfected future seem like a waste of time, or like pie-in-the-sky idealistic fantasies to the pragmatic mind with its depths in the grip of an expectation for annihilation.

The “Cold War” was a spy miasma that had a crescendo in the early-to-mid nineteen-eighties, with the crucial paradigm shift from destructive mind-set to creative mind-set occurring in the late eighties, giving rise to an impassioned re-awakening to the beauty and value of Humanity, and of the natural environment. With this, came the surge of the internet and the “Digital Age” technologies into the public mainstream. People have felt a new sense of empowerment: that we are taking our destiny in our hands, and beginning to consciously shape our Planet. A new phase of positivism is underway, with ramifications upon every aspect of our personal, community, and planetary lives.

It has always been possible to reach the entrepreneurial elite with the irrefutable logic of the creative ideals of culture, but you can see that the purity of the environmental appeal, and the profundity of the entrepreneurial response were conditioned severely by cultural conditions, such as the hyper-competitive climate of the cultural mind in those previous decades. Really nothing in terms of truly great cultural resource was being made available in those years for the kinds of visions that could transform the Planet. But the mind of the Magnates has opened up to the creative luminosity of recent years, occasionally emitting bursts of glorious philanthropy, and some of it quite visionary.

Thus, it is time to begin placing a much greater share of our faith and creative effort in the potential of the momentous ideas that engage the best of both the natural and the technical realms. The realm of eternally inspired aspirations to protect and enhance the beauty and bountifulness of Nature, now aspires also to conceive a secure and dynamic place within the healthy natural order for Humanity’s gargantuan industrial potential. In fact the stage of aspiration for their union has already been eclipsed, and the advent of the stage for material consortium has been inaugurated.

On our Planet today, these quantums, Nature and Industry, no longer, or certainly should no longer, view each other as inimical. The immature identity, in a primitive quest for the defining of self, has occasionally rebelled against or negated the matrix that has sustained itself. Once a real sense of self, maturity, is attained, the identity must define its existence not by what it negates, but by what it creates. This dynamic has now emphatically laid to rest the obsession with “Man against Nature” that so characterized the earlier phases of Humanity’s industrial development. The focus is now clarifying upon the all-satisfying balance and complementarity of these two quintessential elements of human experience, the natural dimension, and the industrial-commercial dimension.

These two giants, one really the infinite field of Life itself, the other the technological colossus, have never enjoyed what might be described as a mutually gratifying existence on this Planet. But there is something about this synthesis we are presently expressing that distinguishes it above previous formulations of a natural - technological harmony. It is an Idea that has come of its time. Humanity has walked upon the moon. Deep ocean probes, with human pilots aboard, are presently discovering new forms of life miles beneath the surface of the oceans. And the by-products of our prolific industries are now contributing to the melting of the ice-caps at an unprecedented rate. Industry was once a local, usually a family endeavor, when the colonies that brought forth our great nation were still young. Today, it is not only possible, it is necessary to conceive of industry in terms of macro dynamics and dimensions. Industry is a macro-phenomenon, as witness its effect upon the warming of the atmosphere, and similar effects upon the purity of the oceans as well as our fresh water and our land, and also its ability to dam great rivers, build great bridges, and harness the power of the atom.

Provincial, local paradigms do not effectively apply to a macro-phenomenon. The new paradigm, that conceives both a renewed biotic purity and abundance for the Planet‘s surface, and palpable material benefits for an industry re-formulated and re-located within the bedrock mantle of the Planet, is the idea that has come of its time. This is true not only because it is aesthetically and conceptually satisfying, and financially desirable from the standpoint of profit economics, but because it has just become a practical feasibility within the last few decades. And it is the one existential macro-synthesis that holds the real promise of genuine and simultaneous progress for both dimensions, the natural abundance and the technological industry.

This is the comprehensive construct for human fulfillment that conceives the genuine satisfaction of fulfillment for our long-suffering and patient natural being, and simultaneously for our eager but previously ambivalent technological dimension. Within a context that guarantees continual security and progress for the being of Nature, Humanity can at last enjoy sublime confidence in a scientific and industrial dimension that is free from the innuendo of menace toward the sacred source of our being, Life.

Toward an Identity Process that is as Enduring as a Sustainable World

Abraham Lincoln said “A house divided against itself cannot stand”…with reference to the imperative need to resolve the differences between the North and the South. This model was a persuasive appeal for unity within Lincoln’s oratory because of the intuitive validity of the idea that an identity principle needs to be free of self-negating elements. It actually applies on every level, individual, corporate, national, planetary, and so on. Thus, we assert that the clarification of the human identity is an imperative concomitant with the legitimate aspiration for the construction of bedrock-secure subterranean emplacements for much of Humanity’s cultural architecture. While healing the great rift between human industry and Life itself, it is rationally obligatory for Humanity to commit to the complementary endeavor of eradicating the self-negation from the fundamental identity processes of the human mind. The great external endeavor, of relocating industrial and commercial architecture within sub-surface realms, which promises to renew the vitality, the freedom, and the beauty of the planetary bio-surface, would none-the-less be climaxed as a tragically dis-orienting confusion and material dis-integration, if it were not accompanied by the equally imperative and complementary re-education of the human identity principle itself. We have to be entirely life-affirming ourselves if we are to be able to persuade industry that life-affirming ways are practical, and to manifest the industrial forms that complement, rather than destroy natural Life processes. When we have clarified the human identity principle of the self-negation that asserts “I destroy I, Life” within the fundamental identity principle that is the life of the person, the dangerous ambivalence that is associated with technology, be it nuclear issues, deviant genetic research, mind manipulation issues, or whatever, will be dissolved and dispersed down to the inconsequential bits of historical data it ought to be within the field of human experience.

It is the notion that human existence contains an element of self-negation or evil, sometimes referred to as “the dark side” of human nature, that sows the seed of doom in every aspiration toward perfect harmony between Humanity and Nature. The same influence is the sole cause of disharmony between individuals, and between competing groups and mega-identities, such as nations and international corporations. Assumed by so many to be innate, the approach to the simple solution to the nefarious root of all disharmonies was obscured by the obdurate tradition of identification with the unstable “good and evil” identity construct. Thus I am introducing this simple concept in a somewhat circumspect way.

Life is the inmost essence of all identity. Since the fire of Life illumining our minds is the essence principle originating the “I” of the individual, the ideas of “the One Life of Humanity”, and “the One Light of Humanity” are founded upon perfectly sound rational principle. As mentioned earlier, the unity of all energy, (light), has been proven empirically by Einstein’s formulation. These levels of conception are regarded commonly as spiritualistic or psychological abstraction, however, because there is such plethora contradiction to the real meaning of the concepts of unity that the modern paradigms such as “keeping the competitive edge”, and “showing no quarter to the enemy” (in both economic and political theatres), and adapting to the “dog-eat-dog” social climate, have pushed these core principles literally to the periphery of most modern minds. What happens when the core process of the Life, both individual and cultural, is pushed to the periphery is a proliferation of disease, both mental and physical, and the separatism and aggressiveness that eventuate hyper-competitiveness, anarchy, war, and even nihilism. These themes have become the substantial content of both the local and world news in our times, and for a person evolving within such milieu, personal and separatist concerns are paramount, and the notion of consciously focusing upon the central principles of the core of Life is very much a novel idea. Hence the movement toward the meditative disciplines, and the introspectively resolved, or the contemplatively inspired life is still a “fringe group” phenomenon, although in conjunction with modern recuperative therapies, it shows more indications of mainstream acceptance year by year.

Now, constructing a society so that it can truly exist within the core principles that sustain all Life is to construct an authentically sustainable society. We who formulate paradigms for the transition toward a more intelligent future have postulated the sustainable ideals because they are necessary for Humanity to survive. The intense creative endeavors in this vein at the level of the world’s intellect have produced results that have congealed into a contiguous matrix that now represents both our established commitments and our shared sense of purpose. And the world where the anguish of guilt for having betrayed and un-beautified the face of the Life that gave us inspiration, and even brought forth our existence, is being obviated. It is being transformed by efficient and thoroughgoing efforts to re-affirm the sacredness of Life, and even the preciousness of technological endeavor, once the latter is properly re-located In the more humble, appropriate, and efficient sub-surface realms.

The juxtaposition of the natural and the technological dimensions in the pattern that enhances and advances the creative potency of both realms simultaneously is the physical structure of an authentically sustainable society. But, in order to become the people who can effectively inhabit, work within, worship within, celebrate within and progress within a world that is structured for wholly Life-affirming endeavor, it is clear that both the modern mind and the modern physical habit patterns must be progressed by self-evolving effort to be in stride with the new cultural instrument. On the high planes of planetary mind it has already been seen and accepted that the fundamental source of self-negation that remains to obstruct the progress of Humanity is the self-negation that is received through the habitual patterns of nutrition. The Life-affirming way receives its first and most persistent contradiction through the consumption of the substance of the slaughter of willful life for nutrition. I have said that our synthesis, as a whole, is an idea that has come of its time. Accordingly, we find that recently, modern medical science has been profound enough and forthright enough to begin to urge the public conscience to explore the health benefits of the diet that is rich nutritionally, but low in fat and cholesterol, being derived from vegetable sources. We strongly affirm this, and would only add that the best sources for these vegetable nutrients are the fruits of the grasses, the vines, and the trees. When we thrive upon the nourishment that is wholly Life-affirming by its nature, including the way it is grown, (2.), the way it is distributed, and the way it is received, the persons receiving are gradually released from the inner conflict of self-negation that is implicit to the habitual pattern of predatory nutrition.

When, through this release, the inner contradiction “I am Life and I destroy Life” is thereby dissolved and silenced, the pall of suppression dividing the inner mind from the outer mind is lifted, and the liberation enjoyed by the individual is immense. The “I, Life” within the person and the “I, Life” within Life itself are re-united. Fears are then recognizable as self-caused, and self-maintained by the mind enthralled within the struggle against the Life principle within the person and everywhere. The Life-affirming perspective then illuminated, gives cause for the profound celebration of inner freedom.

The Life-affirming mind is recognizable as the natural mind for the human. It is the all-positive perspective wherefrom the full spectrum of human potencies may be appreciated. Through the development of such clarified perspective within the modern mind, personal and cultural, the identity principle gradually comes to recognize that the habituation to “the Game of Winning and Losing” was a cognitive artifact generated solely by the adversarial pattern of nutritional interaction with Life. When we have physically transcended the “You lose, Life, so I can win” delusion, our personal identity can again experience direct correspondence with the original Identity of Humanity as a species. “We are One!” was the essential substance of the realization that created the Identity of this and every human race. It is the existentially causal experience of the phenomenon of intellect itself. There is never a “loser” or a person who is “out” in this most fundamental and implicit contract of the civilized human. Therefore the habitual “winner/loser” or “in/out” mind-sets are artifacts of a distortion of the fundamental principle of civilized existence. And the habit pattern of carnivoristic nutrition is the root cause of the competitive, adversarial, or combative mind-sets. With reference to the present discussion: we must lose the “win/lose” mind-set to win the pure power that will lead the Industrial Juggernaut back into harmony with natural Life. And, by adopting the life-affirming habit patterns within our own personal lives, we are thereby prepared to become effective citizens within the cultural order of the Life-affirming society of the new and fully-resolved age of Humanity we are bringing into being.

Footnotes :

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(2.) Box Q: “Returning to an Agriculture that Protects the Atmosphere”, by Edward Goldsmith, from Alternatives to Economic Globalization, by Cavanaugh and Mander, Pgs. 218-220.

Appendix (11 Pg.) Available Upon Request.