On Being a Friend to Everyone:
In Spite of Callous Modern Assumptions, Universal Friendship Is a Practical Ideal.


As we looked at our lives ahead, from the viewpoints of ten-year-olds with an ardent inspiration to help the World, both human and natural, we clung instinctively to the sunny Ideal of formulating our lives to embody the pattern of friendship with everyone. In succeeding years we were exposed, through both overt criticism and subliminal social pressure, to the deeply entrenched skepticism, perhaps even cynicism, toward the notion of actually achieving friendship with every human being, much less with all of life.

In spite of the almost blanket non-belief in the actual realization of this cherished ideal from deep within the hearts and minds of innocent children, our years of empirical research have factually justified this precious hope, perhaps unexpectedly to many. We assert that it is not only rational to hope to become the friend of all, such actually represents the superb attainment of alignment or integration of the personal rationality and desire structure with the nature and purpose of core identity principle within all, the Creative Principle of Life.

Instead of adding my voice to the chorus that cheerlessly asserts to the young hearts and mind that life is full of contradiction, and that we can never truly see our cherished Ideals fully real and actualized, I am obliged by our thoroughgoing Science to encourage every heart, young or elder, who is inspired by this idealism, to seek Its fulfillment even at the more comprehensive, more beautiful level: the level of friendship not only with every human life, but of friendship with every life on every level of being. The natural responsibility and purpose of the human species resonates affirmation with the firm encouragement that we thus echo. It is not only the birthright, but also the duty of every human being to do their part to fulfill humanity’s function to serve as the focus of Intellect for the Unity of all lives, not only for our own kind, but for every kind within our great Life System. Intellect is the crowning apex of the continuum of being that ranges from the densest, simplest awareness, to the finest and most luminous celestial identities. Humanity, as a species, embodies that most luminous point upon the continuum of all species within this life system. Hence to fulfill our purpose, we are duty-bound to identify effectively with, and express as the head of, the core principle serving as the thread of commonality joining all constituents of the continuum together. The more effectively we identify with Life in its essential omnipresent nature, the more effectively we position ourselves to serve as the comprehensive viewpoint necessary to formulate the Truth of Intellect accurately.

And in fulfilling the requirement for comprehensiveness, we also position ourselves to know real existential identity with the essential life of every other individual being. To thus know Life Essence is to know Joy, and even Love. And to recognize That as the core Identity process within every other being as well as our self, is to have achieved the full maturity of the comprehensive perspective. Thus, to really know the Truth, that we all have the same essential Life within, is to feel friendship, even kinship, with all Life.

Therefore, the Ideal of being the ‘Friend of Everyone’ is not only perhaps the dearest of our childhood’s desires, it is also the sublime ripeness of the adult responsibility and maturity as well. Freed from the bondage of exclusive association with immaturity, the ideal of universal friendship can now be recognized as the social consequence corresponding with the natural process of unfoldment of the human identity coming to full fruition as a Humanity that thrives in the spirit of our “We Are All One” origin.