Why It Is Intelligent
to “Say Grace”


Eating is the natural, predictable, time portal through which the intelligent being may renew grateful appreciation for Life in the regular manner which is simultaneously beneficial to our physical and our mental well-being. The benefit to the cognitive dimension is advanced by orders of magnitude by raising the sub-conscious gratitude to the conscious level by thoughtfully considering the essential actuality of the processes that sustain our bodies. This is the prime opportunity to remind oneself of the impressively intimate co-ordination between our animal kingdom and the plant kingdom within the natural evolutionary Life System.

Plants produce virtually all (98%) of the protein, and virtually all of the sugar (99%) required to maintain animal metabolism. And the bio-emissions generated by this metabolism provide the complementary charge of fertility needed and profoundly appreciated by the generous plants.

Indisputably intimate indication of the mutually beneficial link between animal life and plant life is observed in the exchange of vital airs that sustains both realms. We breathe in and are vitally sustained by the air (oxygen) that the plants breathe out; they breathe in and are vitally sustained by the air (carbon dioxide) that we breathe out. The Creative Principle of Life Itself is, in fact, centrally maintained by the intimate interchange between the Plant and the Animal Kingdoms.

Knowing this about the Creative Principle of Life that is the core of our own Identity enriches our sense of appreciation for what we are, and even who we are, and what our place in Life is. Such contemplations may spark the realization that being observant and being thoughtful about the good things in Life that we incidentally encounter is a natural source of richness that should be expanded to enhance our experience of every area of our Life. This is the way that gratitude is a gift of appreciation we give to Life that returns to bless our own lives immeasurably.