Given the Modern Understanding that Men and Women
Are Co – Creative, and Therefore, Equal,
the Attitude of Appropriateness for An Extra Measure of Consideration,
Even Kindness, Toward Women,
Is, In Fact, Warranted

The essential Identities of Father and Mother, though not identical, are precisely as co – creative, and therefore equal, as are the Energy and the Matter poles of the Energy - Matter Continuum. Women, however, emphatically deserve an enormously greater share of kindness and consideration within all human relationships, and for two irrefutable reasons. The first is the obvious one: women are the gentler, more compassionate half of the man – woman bond because evolution has required that women culture our sweet and gentle children, while men act as protectors of the developing progeny and the instruments transporting, housing, and providing for them. Thus while women’s faces evolved the more sublime smooth skin, men’s faces have retained the bristly beard to shield against the harsh conditions of the hunt, and the blade of the enemy. While women, contemplating the purity of the precious new life entrusted to their care, were evolving the precious organs to give physical substantiation to the desire in their hearts to nourish, assure, and inspire that new life, the mammalian breasts, men were developing hairy muscular chests for the tasks of protecting and providing for the precious lives of mother and child. These are simple evolutionary facts, self – evident to anyone who might take the time to devote some careful concentration to the examination of this dimension of human history.

But there is another aspect, just as naturally self – evident, though not so close to the surface of our experience or thought. Because virtually all previous cycles of creation faced dissolution subsequent to the appearance of corruption within mother’s realm, the material base of reality, the tradition, or, more correctly, the myth, of the source of evil being associated with Mother, came into existence. With the completion of millions, even billions, of such existential cycles of Time and Space, or ‘cycles of creation’, woman has come to be stereotyped as the locus of “the dark side” of human nature. All the condemnation that social analysts and well – meaning moralists directed toward the body (“the vale of tears”, “the domain of demons”, “the bag of filth”, “the den of temptation”, and so on,) was accessory to the indictment against Mother. All of the fear of the wilderness, with its wild beasts, and its storms, that men have stored up through the ages, is contributory to the suspicious, alienated, condemnatory attitude toward The Life of woman.

The result of these mis-appreciations, or misunderstandings, of Our Mother, Life, is the plethora of controlling, abusive habits of men in relationships with women, which have persisted to this day in spite of the fact that our modern Reason has revealed to us indisputably the utterly complementary, even co – creative nature of the essential relationship between man and woman. These destructive habits, impelled by the mighty inertia of the instincts and the emotions, have continued in spite of the proclamations of The Bible and other holy texts that repeatedly assert that all people are equal before the judgment of the Infinite. “Equal I made them, man and woman” says The Bible, and also affirms that humans “were made in the image of God”. The burden on women caused by inappropriately inferior consideration within personal relationships is compounded by the burden of civil codes in some cultures which forcefully deny women’s freedoms and her rights to cultural resources such as education and a voice within the political vitality of the society.

But perhaps the most onerous burden that we all should feel with regard to this situation is the shameful fact that men’s misdirected fears and feelings have factually caused women to internalize some of these condemnatory, even morbid notions, really gross misconceptions, about woman’s real character, and the nature of Nature Itself. These inappropriately negative feelings about woman’s real being, and the corresponding misbegotten concepts, need to be energetically transformed by a vigorous educative process conducted not only by the culture, but by women themselves, and the men who love them. They need to re-align the notions of Self with the exonerating Truth of the co – creative nature of Man and Woman, and the indisputable Goodness of Mother Nature, Life Itself, the ultimate foundation and expansive field of the Mother Identity.

First of all, perhaps the most momentous discovery of the rational principle in its exploration for the cause of entropy within Reality is the discovery of the fact that the Mother principle does not bear primary responsibility for the corruption, apparently arising in Mother’s realm, that has eventuated the destruction of each and every previous cycle of Universal Creation. Instead of continuing the misconceived presumption of Mother’s guilt, The Father of This Universe has taken responsibility for the specific choices that did, in fact, precipitate the entropy which has extinguished The Inspired Fire of Love in all previous Universes, and has, in fact, pushed the Creative Vitality of this present Universe toward the brink of death.

We have shared, and are here again sharing, the Revelation that it was the nutritive choices made primarily by Father, that did, indeed, cause the accumulation of self – negating inertia, beginning at the material end of the Energy – Matter Continuum of Life, that, in turn, resulted in the distress and eventual self – destructive entropy in the core of each previous Universal Cycle. And those same nutritive choices have served to cause the oppression, division, and conflict within this present Universe as well. The resultant causations, both material and psychic, of a nutritive process that required the lives of willful beingness to be slaughtered, resonated and emanated the destructive archetype of behavior that brought them forth. The causative remnants within the reflectively aware species, are, in fact, the material correlate to a will originating in the ethereal realm of Mind that has the cognitive structure of “I destroy I, Life”. This is the flaw within the core of Universal Will Itself. The will at the top and the will at the bottom are one phenomenon, consisting of a subtle cognitive impetus, and its material field of manifestation. The fact that the nourishment may have been gratefully and joyfully consumed is immaterial. The actual material result of sustenance gained from the slaughter of willful beingness is the accumulation of corruption within the core of the living reality, beginning at its very foundation, a corruption, caused by the “I destroy I, Life” thought-form, that has always brought about self-negation and destruction at every level, from the individual to the Universal. We have not been able previously to identify the cause of the entropic corruption because the instincts and emotions are stupendously mighty which defend a habit as fundamental as the foods chosen by our species within the evolutionary process. The discernment of this deeply-ingrained cause was the fruit of a process of exploration of the foundations of willful experience that has spanned aeons.

And this persistent, apparently mysterious corruption condemned Mother to the erroneous judgment that it was something within her Self, rather than something within Her realm that would eventuate the destruction of the wonderful Creation, again. We all owe Mother the profound renewal and re-assertion of our Faith in Her Essential Goodness and Integrity.

It is this realization that exonerates Mother: the cause of entropy within her natural Being was decided more by our Father than by our Mother. It was the one who was more in charge of providing, Father, who decided what things would be taken for nourishment, while Mother remained in a more secure place with the children. Today we have seen empirical proof that nourishment taken within the pattern of co – operative or mutually beneficial interaction with Life has the potential for providing the recipients with a physical vitality that is free from every sort of corruption. And empirical science keeps repeating, again and again, the fact that nourishment taken from the slaughter of willful beings has measurably inferior capacities for providing perfect health. The low cholesterol, high fiber diet, composed of the fruits of the grasses, the vine, and the trees, long promoted by the ancient teachers for the aspirants on the Path of Truth, is today proven to be superior by clinical studies. The human body is one of the most cherished accomplishments of the evolutionary process of Life, indeed, one of the prime vessels for the fulfillment of the Eternal – Universal Principle, and as such is the Instrument of Love, the Instrument for the Fulfillment of the Creative Principle of Life, not “the abode of the devil”, “the bag of filth” or “the den of temptation”.

As for the part of woman’s self – doubt that arises from her inseparable bond with Nature Itself, let this assurance from the light of reason, re-enforced again by the words of culturally accepted spiritual guidance from The Bible, lay all doubts to rest. Life is Good. The essence of the vitality of the body is Goodness. In the first chapter of Genesis, the Creator is quoted as having judged The Creation as “very Good.” Life is, in fact, the standard of goodness, the pure substance of The Infinite Creative Will. Life is intelligently defined as Creative Force Itself, and the measure of unworthiness, madness or degeneracy of any thing is the measure it will pit itself against Life, or against The Creative Principle. Nature is Life, and nothing but Life. The only occasion our Mother Nature has to use destructive force is in the protection of the sacred thing, Life. The shallow thinkers, and the immature may see Nature as fraught with tooth – and – claw struggle, treacherous at every turn. But the properly informed and mature see Nature as the veritable form, in Matter, of the Perfection of The Infinite. Those who confuse their own Creative Principle of Identity within by identifying with the muddled thoughts “Life is good and evil. There is good and bad in everyone”, have fallen prey to shallow judgment, and are condemning not only The Mother of Life, Nature, but their own material foundation to feelings of instability, self-negation, and eventual failure. Life, the core of everyone’s Identity, is Goodness Itself. Life is Pure. What we know as evil arises only from the misuse or needless destruction of Life.

And if Life is purely Good, then women are purely good in essence. To love Life is to love women, and to love women (in their true creative nature, not the misconceived good-bad nature) is to love Life Itself.

Just as truly as Father, who is the Light that inspires and guides Mother, is Good, Mother, who is the Life He illumines, is Good, because She completes and fulfills Him. And in Truth, all I said was that Energy and Matter co – create each other, and that the Creative Essence exemplified by The Energy – Matter Continuum constitutes All Identity. So it is not as if I have led us all into free discussion for the purpose of getting everyone into church. That may well be a peripheral effect, but the language that is suggestive of spiritual philosophy is incidental. We use occasional references to established traditional spiritual wisdom to give assurance that we are not pulling all of our assertions out of the sky. They represent new perspectives certainly, but we always acknowledge the fact that our logic stands upon the virtual shoulders of the dedicated teachers who have come before us. What is truly significant is our conclusion that women are innocent of every stain caused by the erroneous choices, made in good faith, by our predecessors, our Fathers, primarily, but which have caused every cycle of Life to sicken and fall to entropy short of the fulfillment of Life’s Inspired Purpose to be the Vessel of Love, Eternal and Universal.

Thus, women deserve kindness, as the rule, and not only because they have developed softness and generosity for the ministration to our children, but also because their Real Nature is goodness itself, corrupted only by the errors of our well – meaning Patriarchs. The mystery of evil was only our ignorance of the origin of the self – destructiveness within the material foundation of existence. Our recognition of the change necessary to rectify the entropy – causing negation exonerates the guidance principle of Father precisely as much as we men actively manifest the free will allocated us by Father to heal and fructify Our Mother’s material being, through the proliferation of the pattern of mutually beneficial interaction within the process of the acquisition of nourishment, and remove the stain of judgment from Her loving, emotional – intuitive, and sensuous Nature.

It follows that, if women deserve kindness, and women are Nature, we, as creative elements of free will within the expression of the species that serves as the head upon the body of All Life, need to resolve and act upon the will to nourish our women upon the products brought forth within a co – creative relationship with Nature, the sustainer of all. And more than that, we need to resolve and act upon the will that frees our Mother Nature in all of Her myriad personalizations, the living forms of each and every species of Life in the Universe, from the oppression caused by that same error of the use of the pattern of one destroying another. In essence, we must assist Mother Life to organize Reality such that every type of being may be satisfyingly sustained within patterns that are co – creative with each other and with Life Itself, and thus harmonious within the entire spectrum of being. And we find that the quintessential archetype that satisfies this pattern, the archetype exemplified by the relationship between the human and the fruiting tree or plant, serves as the adequate model to be applied to other species, from the tiniest mites and nematodes, to the great whales, reptiles, and every other form of Life.

In closing, I will make mention of a significant convolution of the causative principle manifesting the specific quality of experience made available to the Mother dimension of existence. The great reptiles, our predecessors within the evolutionary process, had come to be characterized by the pattern of ascent to domination of the Life System of the given planet whereon they were evolving, and then crashing with an horrific and tumultuous tragedy, resulting from adamant devotion to the principle of aggression. Billions, even trillions of times within the history of Life, this anguished tragedy has repeated. But now, because the recognition of the efficacy of the Creative Principle of interaction has reached the intelligence of the lord of the great reptiles, the will of this entire field of being has been re-oriented toward fulfillment within the Unity of All Life, in a manner precisely analogous to the soulful commitment shared within all mammalian species, given voice in the ardent declaration “We Are All One!”. A surging response within the primordial presence of the Plant Kingdom has been observed, which is now in the process of bringing forth the appropriate nourishment to satisfy the new passion within the Reptile Kingdom for the appreciation for Life within the self – affirming One. This means that when mammals emerge within the evolutionary matrices now in their infancy, we will be emerging into a matrix of natural beingness already rich with the fragrant and succulent fruits that now sustain our most insightful and healthiest people. The lessons that needed to be learned from toughness have been learned. Life is now preparing, with considerable enthusiasm, for the way in which the agony of evil’s self – negation no longer raises its fearsome head to divide and disrupt the unfoldment of the Life Processes on myriad planets throughout the Universe.

And this important sub – phenomenon within the great process of transformation of Identity Principle from the phase of division into the state of full realization of the comprehensive optimacy of The Creative principle of Identity will, in itself, have profound ramifications for the sense of stability and dignity of Our Mother, Life. She will no longer have to culture passionate, sleek, and powerful species, knowing they must reach great attainment in size and mastery, only to fall again and again with an agony of rage. Thus, her greatest cause for sadness is already in the process of transformation.

Having had to accommodate, myriad times within the course of Universal Evolution, these Life Processes, the Mind of Feeling of Our Mother did indeed, develop something of a ‘set’ within it which had the structure of the Logic “As the tendency toward passionate aggression and its resulting self – destruction seems to be innate within this evidently important part of Existence, I must accept evil as an innate part of Myself.” Thus, Mother in the Divine Realm, where the Law of Love is understood to be Identity, and Mother in the realms of dense Sense, where aggression and destructiveness have always been part of The Law, have suffered a sense of separation from the time each Universal Cycle suffers the agonizing “Fall from Innocence” until, once again, as existential forms are crushed back into the realm of their Primal Purity, the Divine Mother and the Sense Mother are reunited within the same Creative Principle of Identity that brought them forth. During the established course of Life within the normal Universal Cycle, it would have to be expected, as the seemingly inevitable collapse of Time – Space approached, that these two necessarily distinct fields of Identity within Mother might occasionally anticipate the reunion with a sense of the ardent desire to be Pure again, to be One. Hence the appearance of “thanatos”, or ‘death – wish’, had to be an innate part of Mother’s experience of Identity until the present, when the Mother of the Sense Realm has been enabled to clearly see the design that includes the fulfillment of even her most passionate conquerors within the archetype of co – creative interaction, or Love. Again, we must declare Mother’s Identity as Perfect, from the beginning, because her accommodation of evil was a necessary acceptance of the complete natures of Her offspring, and Her manifestation of death – wish was only in response to the innate need of the Soul for Union with Its Pure Source. These compromise solutions to the challenge of achieving Union with The Creative Principle of Identity, Eternal and Universal, even in these realms of Time, Space, and Embodied Existence, are now resolved in what is, at last, the Paradigm for Existence that subsists wholly within the dynamic flux of The Creative Principle of Identity from the most Primordial Foundation of Experience, to Its Most purely Illumined and Rational Heights. Living within The Eternal Ideals is no longer an Aetherial Privilege, reserved for the Residents of “The Ivory Tower”. Co-Beingness within Aetherial Concept and Sensory Experience of The Creative Principle, Eternal and Universal, Is Now Becoming Accessible to Residents of The Reptilian Swamps and The Ocean Deeps, just as Genuinely as It Is Available to Residents of Sublimely Refined Human Civilizations.