Birdwatching Our Destiny

The Adroit Little Falcon of Truth

Is on His Way Back

From Strenuous Adventures

At the Abyssal Precipice

Of Existence Itself.

The Golden Warbler’s

Soulfully Loyal Legions

Are Tuning and Toning Their

Interdimensional Instrumentalities

For the Rapturous Task

Of Delivering Ineffably

Ebullient Scintillation

To the Eager Body and Mind

Of the Entire Life Being.

They Are Aided by such Irresistibly

Persuasive Sweetness

Arising from Sublimely Symbiotic

Fragrances, Tastes, and the

Symphonically Rich Spectrums

Of Visual Vibrance

Within the Plant Kingdom.

Renewed Is What They Are

These Winged and Fragrant Vessels

Of Life’s Precious Vivacity

And the Gospel of Unending Renewal

Is What They Express

To Us and All Who Dare to Possess

The Simple Truth

Of the Creative Core

Of Our Life:

Ever Enriched,

Ever Diverse,

Ever Inviting

And Fulfilling

Self – Appreciation

Of the Essential

Creative Being