By Mossy O’hias, Wa’ahila

Sacred and Rare

Are very Distinct

Kinds of Preciousness.

Of course it is Elementary

To Appreciate the Value

Of Something That is Both

Sacred and Rare.

And the Rare by Itself

Is Set Apart

By Stark Contrast.

But What, my Dear Friends,

Is Our Response to Life,

The Omnipresent Good,

Whose Sacredness is the Foundation

Of All of Our Sense of Value ?

Because Nature,

With all of Her Trees,

And all of Her Water,

Is Common,

Haven’t we allowed

The Grandeur of Her Display

To overwhelm

Her Essential Meaning :

The Sacredness of Life Itself ?

Let us Look

At Her Commonness

In Careful, Special Ways,

That we may see the Truth

Of the Sacredness of Life

In Each of Her Myriad Faces.

And Let us Smile Appropriately

At the Face of Mother,

Who is the Origin

Of Patience and Generosity.

No other Feeling but Love

Justly perceives Her,


No other Attitude

but Respectful Gratitude

Justly Receives Her.