Conversation with Little Green Men

How you Glow with Vibrance !
A Verdant Transluminance that Proudly Radiates
The Goodness of your Stone - Clutching and Sky - Challenging Descendents:
The Myriad and Profusely Diverse Families of Life !
You Green - Fleshed Air - Breathers
Who Inspire and Nourish,
Shade and Shelter,
Quickened us into Life ! . . .
And so Many Trillions of Other Species :
Worm, Insect, Fish, Amphibian, Reptile, Bird, and Mammal. . .
All of Which, in turn, Pivot their Realities
Around your Dynamism, Green Being,
You are our Progenitor, Sun - lover!
From the Shining Slime in Primal Pond,
To Fields Exploding with Flowering Throng,
To our Prodigious Partners in Towering Evolutionary Enterprize,
The Trees !

How Far You Have Come !
From Slippery, Undulating, Vibrant Green Coating,
Or a Fuzzy Emerald Carpet on the Stony Ground,
To the Gentle Giants of God's Generosity, the Fruit Trees,
And the Magnificent Forest Monarchs,
Sighing Hymns to the Breeze. . .

How Mighty You Are in Your Humility !