Golden Day

Mystical Melding of Mind and Sound,

Taste, and Smell, and Sight . . .

We Call the Deep Heart's Radiant Stream

To Surge from the Sweet Land's

Stony Depths Into the Realm of Light.

Sentiments Echoed by Chiming Song

Of Red Shouldered Hawk, Serene and Strong,

Of Cardinal Couples, and Warbler-Kind,

Affirm In Body, In Heart, and Mind,

That These Golden Days, Arising at Last,

Will Banish Anguished Yearnings Past,

And Our Proudly Ardent Innocent Youth

Can Affirm Our Sweet and Faithful World

And Live the Ways of Truth.

Rare Eyes Witnessed with Us Today:

They Will Glide in Highest Skies

Of Golden Heritage and Say

Within Our Vision Soulful:

Of Myriad Luxuriant Greenways

Emerging where Congested Corridors

Now Stifle Our Breath

(And Our Hope for Comprehensive Fulfillment.)

The Golden Eagle's Glide

The Yellow Billed's Coo

And The Veery's Varied Voices

All Shine and Chime

In The Light Divine

As We Guide Our Time

With Clearly Defined

Precious and Sacred Choices:

When Our Sacred Source,

The Life of Love,

Exalts In The Realm of Natural Light,

Then Liberty! to Our Industry

In the Profoundly Prosperous, Vibrant Night!