Re-Discovery: Pequest River

What Soul would Dare Ignore

The Beauty of Nature,

Which Whispers,


And ROARS? . . .

Even in the Woodlot,

Town Bound,

Its Singing Stream

Dancing With Mergansers,

Mallards, and Titmice,

Sparrows and Geese,

Cardinals and Bees,

And Myriad Other Vibrant Things:

Green and Winged,

Furry or Slithering,

Crawling and Hopping. . .

Even Here

The Infinite is Found!

The Way of Life, Profound. . .

Urging Respectful Quiescence

For the Eternity it Ensouls

Mothered our Lives from Below

And Fathered them in the Light

That Grows

Ever in the Heights and Depths

of the Mind. . .

Dare to See Her:

Take the Time!

And when You Dare,

Be Quietly Kind. . .

Or Be Jubilant with Song!

That says Her Goodness also:

Chiming with the Vibrant Throng.