Terribly Wearably Naked

This Timeless Exclamation

Earning "Complement of the Day" Status,

Emerged from the Epicenter of Volcanic Passion . . .

Our Gratefully Satisfied Intellect

Surrendering to the Rigors

Of Mind - Blindness Under

The Guidance of the

Omni - Centered Sense Rapture

Of the Omni - Spatial Goddesses of Sense.

Now Our Neighbors Are

Instruments of Ecstasy

Recharging Daily Routines

With Sufficient Absorbtion

In Bliss Cascade

To Necissitate a Mini - Epiphany

To Properly Savor Our Reborn Mutual Astonishment

At the Awe - fully Engaging, Awe - fully Obliging,

Awe - fully Inspiring and Revealing Intensity

Of the Co - Creative Embrace

Re - Formulating

Re - Structuring

Re - Awakeninging

The Substance and Essence

Of Our Bones, Our Muscles,

Our Viscera, and Our Minds . . .

"Terribly Wearably Naked"

We Felt to Her. . .

And She Was To Us As Well!

'Terribly Wearably Naked'

Shall Be Our Day

As Truth I Tell.