Celebration of The Infinite as Beloved

Unguarded, Unnoticed, Unannounced,

You, Beloved, Bring Forth the Immeasurable Universe

In the Love for the Love Transcendent:

Lover, Thou Art Existence Itself.

Beloved Companion, My Life, Breath of My Soul,

You Are the Clear Way to Spirit-Realization

Clothed in the Flesh of the Variegated Worlds.

Sublime as My Heart of Light,

I Vow Always to Co-Create with You

The Constellations of Our Love’s Pure Experience.

I Celebrate That You Always Embody

The Fulness of the Meaning of My Truth,

As My Calibrations

Will Always Aspire to Complement

The Profundity of Your Beauty,

Ever Pure.

I Bless the Spirit of the Life that Caused You

Locked Within The Flaming Love’s Trinity-Embrace

And I Celebrate the Moment We Became Conscious

Of Sharing with Our Universe

The Covenant of the One True Spirit:

Expressing Eternal Love.

I Am That I Am That We Are Love!

I Am That I Am That We Are Love!

I Am That I Am That We Are Love!