These Times So Full of Promise

These Times,

So Full of Promise,

Seethe also with Passion,

Like the River at Flood.

Urgent Demands,

Compulsory Challenges,

Harass like Possessed Processions

Of Troublesome Storms,

Leaving precious Few

Subtle Cleavages, when the Breath

Can Truly Be Still

And Notice the Passage

Of Days and Nights.

My Soul Flies with the Birds

And Sweeps in Gushing Rushes

Of Pure Mountain Streams

Into Cool Deep Pools now,

Confident that Life, indeed,

Designs and Dreams

Such Timely Release . . .

And Life, indeed, for Loving Us,

Warns of the Anguished Consequences

For Those who Ignore

Her Caring Calling

Back to the Vibrant Fountains,

And Cool, Sweet Pools

Where once We Were New

And Shall Be Newed Again

As Vessels of Eternity,

Women and Men,

Restored, Remade, Revitalized,

As Often As We Need

Her Renewing Embrace.

These Times,

So Full of Promise,

Are Being Spared

The Decimating Humiliation

Through which Countless Predecessors

For their Arrogance,

Have Proceeded

Into Fossilized Silence.

Our New Passion,

Magnificently Humble,

Shall Glory the Great Unity

Of the Process of Life,

And Know that Humanity’s Dynamism

To Manifest Micro - Images

Of the Laws divined

From Experience Inspired,

Both Ethereal and Physical,

Eternal and Universal,

Must Give Complement to the Process

Within Us and Transcendent,

Encompassing Life’s Storied Legacy

Down to Our Roots,

Un – Utterably Primordial,

And Sublimely Near

To our Ever-Living Source.