Vibrant Panoply

Vibrant Panoply:

A Scintillating Gestalt

Of Experiential Potential

Asserts and

Entices Our Experience of Beauty

From Fields of Verdant Profusion

And Melodic Textures

So Intricately Interwoven

That Greetings of Feathered Familiars

Emerge As If Unexpected

In the Unimposing Din.

The Understory Is Full as Summer

And Cups of Nectar

Are Already Delighting

Visitors Whose Throats

Are Irridescent

With Bliss !

Pretty as a Snowflake,

And Graceful as a Swan,

The White Columbine

Speaks Volumes

Of Mysterious, Succulent Sweetness

In Her Over - Arching and

And Acquiescing Grace.

Her Sublime Beauty Inspires

The Vision of Mystically Resourceful Glory

In the Self - Renewing Soulful Heart

Of Our Apparently Natural Mother,

Life !