Luminescent Encounter

(A Voice Carried in a Current So Sweet,
It is Received with Spirit Voices in My Soul. . .

She Inspires My Breath to Life,
Reshapes the Substance of My Mind
In Scintillating Sequences of Joyful Vibration,
When She Dances There…

She Reveals Timeless Consideration
In Her Casual Ministrations…)

You Stepped Inside My Feet,
Sweet Stand,
And Sailed Your Friendly Ship
To My Broken Back and Hip,
While Heroes and Heroines
Moved from our Depths
To Stand Over You
And Circle Round You,

Your Mind Ignited-
Blossoming Forth with Fires of Desire,
At the Joyous Recognition of My Truth.
Thus were Launched
Your Orbs of Incomparably Precious Perceptiveness
To Kindle New Innocence In My Soul.

My Resolve Was Born Anew-
To Establish Undying Truth
That Guarantees Security for Your Freedom,
(And the Freedom of All), My Sweet Soul.

Hunger for More, Sweet Bird,
And I will Nourish Your Soul with Word
-The Word Divine.

Thus, the Direly Dreary Deamon’s
Dreadfully Dimwitting Plan
Was Banned-
It walked away Un-Manned…
(And Un-Womaned.)